Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Working the basement

We worked in the basement today for about an hour, scrubbing the floor where the water heater leaks a bit.  It's gotten a bit ripe there with critters growing so it was a bit slimey.  You can see the floor now.  Tom is going to replace the water heater as soon as we're done with the basement.  At this rate we should be done by 2033.

We got 2 big huge bags of trash out and a smaller bag.  I still have room for a bit so I'm throwing away some fans that no longer work.  We tend to hang on to everything.  I don't know that you can really see a difference but at least I know we made a difference.

And we also lost a lot of water weight because we were sweating buckets.  The lenses on my glasses were completely covered in water, my hair was wet and my shirt was soaked.  In the basement where it's supposed to be cooler.

So next Tuesday we'll tackle it again and get rid of some more stuff since that's trash day.

I'm fixing a salad tonight based on one Zach had at Wendy's.  The Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.  We didn't find Pomegranite Vinaigrette but I got some Raspberry & Walnut Vinaigrette.  I hope it's at least similar.  We've been eating a lot of salads lately.

I did some spinning last night.  I had finished up the roving I had separated out and pre-drafted.  I washed and hung it (weighted) and now I just need to put it with the other yarn that I've spun.  I'm spinning Welsh Top which is a sturdier yarn but I wanted to learn how to dye and needed something substantial.  It's spun out very thin, not lace weight but smaller than fingering.  Of course this is the first spun.  I haven't plied anything yet.  It will most likely ply out to fingering weight.

Not sure what to do with 16 ounces of fingering weight yarn but I'll figure it out.

I have some more to spin after this bit of roving.  I just need to keep at it daily because I've gotten pretty good at it.  It's just slower using a kick spindle rather than a spinning wheel.  If I kept up with it, I could actually accomplish something.  And I do enjoy it.  I ended up spinning for over an hour last night until I got tired and needed some sleepy.

I did some knitting on both shawls and finished up Ballykissangel, series 2.  After that I was too tired to start anything else and fell asleep immediately.  I don't remember what show I was watching when I went to bed but I don't remember any of it.  I slept so good last night.

Until 3 a.m. when the idiots down the road started up with the firecrackers again.  Tom said he looked out and they were in their car so it might not be the people who live there, but the car was parked there so who knows?  Of course Professor had to have his say about it.  Hannibal was so skittish and frightened that I felt sorry for him.

I'm not a fan of fireworks in the neighborhoods.  At all.

I've got a load of clothes in the dryer...my lighter colored clothes and my bandages for wrapping my arm (lymphedema) so I need to get them and finish up the trash bin and then start the salad.  It's not been a bad day, although it's been muggy.  Not as bad as the east coast has had though.  I do feel for them.  I would be totally miserable if I were there right now.


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