Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays are for basements

I could have hung some clothes out on the line yesterday after all since it didn't rain.  I did throw caution to the wind and put some clothes out today...3 loads worth.  I have another load in the washer but I'm not sure I'm going to hang them out tonight since I'm really beat.  And I still have to catch up in the kitchen and make supper.

It's Tuesday so it's our day to work in the basement.  We got 3 bags of trash and a box of flattened cardboard to go out in a bit.  Plus I'm going to wash up some clothes that have absorbed that dank basement odor.  And then store them upstairs. I threw out things that I normally would take to the thrift store but they're in bad shape from being in the basement for a while; I don't use the thrift store for a trash bin so they got tossed.

I went to the library to pick up some dvds and a book I had on order.  Professor has been wanting to get in the car for a few days now so I took him with me.  Every now and then he just likes a car ride.  I mean, who doesn't?

I started knitting on this last night.  I'm using Vanna's Choice which seems to be a bit heavier than Fisherman's Wool so I'm using a smaller needle.  I prefer it anyway because the weight of this will droop in time so a tighter knit will delay that.  It's a dusty blue which isn't my first choice but it was the only color that they had enough yarn.  At least I hope it's enough yarn.

Worked a bit on the Tree of Life afghan as well and found numerous mistakes but I just added or subtracted stitches instead of tinking back an inch or so.  It still looks okay.

I'm going to eat my supper and then hop into bed.  I'd like to get some sleep but it's unlikely that will happen.  Yesterday morning Professor woke me up to tell me about his friend the chipmunk next door and this morning it was a telemarketer.  A recording at that. 


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