Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still not catching a break

Yesterday was one of those days that, while not the worst day, was still a day I wish I hadn't had to get up.  Lack of sleep being one of the reasons, of course.

My morning routine consists of letting Professor out first thing, making my bed, putting my little four-cup coffee pot to work cranking out decaf, and doing my online stuff.  And one of my online rituals is checking the library status on what is due and if any of my holds has come in.  Apparently I didn't check very well Monday morning because I discovered two dvds that were overdue by one day.  At two dollars a pop for being late.  Yes, that's four dollars.

Crap!  I'm trying to be more frugal and stuff like this happens.  My fault totally but still.

And then last night as I was eating a donut hole (don't nag...I know I shouldn't have) my dental crown came off.  It's intact and just needs to be glued on but another expense.

In addition to all the medical co-pays that have been coming up the past month.  And two more that will be coming up the end of this month.

And we're still dealing with more than a 22% pay cut now as Tom has now missed another pay raise.  I don't know how they expect us to make it.  Especially in light of all the added hours Tom is working for no extra pay as he is salary.  He's putting in 10-12 hour days plus having to work on Saturdays (mandatory overtime for everyone but no mandatory overtime pay for the salaried employees.)

The only flexible spending is the food budget so I guess I'll have to work even harder on that one.  I know I've been lax of late, spending more than I should have.  The money spent on the trip down to Indiana is really hurting us now, too.  And the second installment on property taxes is due the end of this month.

We just can't catch a break.

The siren for the tornado warning went off last night as I was shutting down the computer to go work on my knitting and watch the first season of The Mentalist (hadn't seen it before.)  I checked the local stations because outside the sun was shining.  The nasty weather was moving northeast but was already north of Beaver Dam so we didn't have to worry about it but once a tornado has been sighted in the county, everyone gets the alarm.  And we are a huge county in terms of square mileage.  Not so much with people, being a rural county and all.

I really liked what I saw of The Mentalist so far.  I love the dry humor and the premise that someone can be that uber-observant.  It's one of the reasons I like House so much.  Unfortunately some days I'm so tired I'm barely aware of my existence, let alone what's going on around me.

I must get a call into the dentist to see about getting that crown put back on and then get busy.

ETA:  The dentist on on vacation for a week so I'll have to wait until next Monday.  Good thing the tooth doesn't hurt or anything.  I guess I'll see about getting some dental cement from the drug store for the duration.



tana said...

I love The Mentalist. I like those kinds of shows too - House too. I don't like bloody, gory crime shows, but I can handle Mentalist.

I'm sorry you're having such money stress. That's never good. When we have money stress it really affects my health. I hope the dentist doesn't charge you too much to put the crown back on. I just had to find a new dentist yesterday because my dentist sent a letter to announce they weren't going to be offering Nitrous anymore because of the costs. Which, if you ask me, is kind of silly considering people who need Nitrous (people like me who are scaredy pants) will pay anything to not be mentally present during a dental procedure. So they lost two patients because my husband is going to move with me.

I'm really babbling. Anyway, hope you can catch a break sooner than later.

Kathy said...

I'm going to enjoy the rest of the first season.

I go through this every time I think we might have a shot at getting ahead. I think we've reached the stage where we can no longer live within the paycheck because of all the extra stuff that keeps popping up. Like co-pays for labs and office visits. Tom needing new work shoes. Stuff that just never ends.

I've just got to be more diligent. Hopefully Zach will be done with his portfolio soon and can get a job. That will help a bunch.