Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hot, humid and another tornado watch

It's hot and muggy today so we didn't get the yard mowed.  Probably won't tomorrow either as I have errands to run for Tom.  He's heading up north to spend some time with his brother in his cabin in the north woods.  He loves it up there and would love to live there when he retires but as you can imagine, it's mighty expensive up there.

Heat makes me even more lethargic.  Completely drains my energy.  We're under a tornado watch as well so I'm watching the clouds and the radar but it really looks like the whole front is going north of us which means I'll have to water the plants tomorrow.  I had hoped to use the water barrel but it's leaking and I haven't gotten around to making other arrangements.  I just keep forgetting until it rains.

The garden is looking good but it's so tiny, especially with most of it being tobacco.  If we plant more next summer, we'll need a bigger area so we can have more veg.  It would be nice if Tom could quit smoking but I'd like to be out of state for that endeavor.  Cranky doesn't begin to describe how he would feel.

My breast prosthesis split again.  Another duct tape and boob blowout. I have to make an appointment with the surgeon for my annual check up so I'll ask him for a new prescription.  With our insurance I'd end up having to pay for it though.  It just never ends.  sigh  In the meantime...duct tape.

I'm not sure if I'll knit tonight as hot as it is but the storm (if it shows up) might cool things off.  Anyway, it's Ballykissangel series 3 tonight.  I haven't even started this year's True Blood yet. To be honest, it doesn't sound great so far.  A lot of liberties with the book, which is normal, but it seems like a lot of (even more!) gratuitous sex and violence.  I hate things that push the envelope just for the sake of pushing it.  I'll give it a try anyway though.  I stopped watching Big Love because it just seemed like they didn't know where to go.  I just read the synopsis and that's enough for me.

Supper is ready:  hamburgers and cheese and broccoli soup.  Too hot to heat up the toaster oven.  And since it's ready and I'm hungry...


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