Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not a bad day

I got sleep last night although waking up was hard.  Once up though I started in doing things instead of reading online first.  I got the kitchen squared away, Professor out for his morning wee, started cleaning my bedroom and then, when my coffee was ready, sat down to read and drink my coffee.

I figured out how to download podcasts to Tom's mp3 player and listened to 4 of them while I was cleaning.  I got the house pretty well cleaned, pulled weeds in the garden, washed out some bandages (lymphedema bandages) and hung them on the line.  And made sure to water the garden just moments before it started raining.  If I hadn't, it wouldn't have rained.

Tom got home just a few minutes ago, age supper and then went to bed.  This Friday night/Saturday morning turnaround every week is hard on him.  Next week he's taking vacation days so he and his brother can go up north to his brother's cabin.  His brother is coming by and Tom will drive them both up so that will save us some money.  He's taking a four day weekend and deserves it.

I also did some spinning while listening to the podcast.  Tonight, though, I'll be knitting while watching more of  The Mentalist.  I ended up frogging the brown shawl because I just don't need two earth-toned shawls.  I think I'm going back to the Tree of Life afghan.  I think it will look great on my bed for me to curl up under this winter when I don't have to drive up to Fond du Lac for Zach's school anymore and can stay home and knit while the weather is cold and snowy.  I plan on loving that.

I'm also thinking of getting out my cotton yarn and knitting up some dishcloths.  I don't know that I would use them but I might hang them up in the kitchen as decoration.  At any rate, it's a fun knit.

Off to knit for a while before doing up dishes and then crawling into bed to watch tv and knit some more.


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