Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feels like Monday

Tom is home and seems rested.  It sounds like he had a good time with his brother and even brought home some fish.  They did stuff to prepare for deer hunting season because nothing else really matters, eh?

I figured since no rain was predicted it would be a good day to do laundry.  I got two loads done but when I went downstairs to clean the basement (it being Tuesday) and get the second load, there was water everywhere.  The drain to the washer was clogged up.  After fiddling with the drain with a wire clothes hanger, I let it drain for a while and scooped up the dirt and washcloth that had apparently stopped up the drain.  I've got load number 3 in the washer and hope to get load number 4 washed as well.  But I doubt it will make it out on the line tonight.  I'm running out of room out there.

I've been trying to listen to podcasts on Tom's mp3 player but it's giving me headaches because I can't get the podcasts to play when I hit the play button.  I can play music just fine and I can play the audible exerpts just fine but nothing on the podcasts.  So...I dug out my old portable cd player and am burning discs the old fashioned way.  I'll have to dig out my side pouch to wear around my waist so I can move about while listening to them.  It means that they will take up more room but at least I'll have hard copies for later.  Now I have to go burn the podcasts I've already listened to.  And find someplace to store them as I don't have individual cases for them.

The...I don't know exactly what to call it.  It's not a sweater or a poncho or a vest...I guess it's more like a tabard...whatever...the project I'm working on is coming along.  I like the leaves but I'm not putting the purl row in because I like it smooth in between.  It's called the welted leaf pattern from Barbara Walker's stitch dictionary.  And it's going much quicker than the honeycomb stitch did.  Easier on my wrists, too. 

I think I'm going to be monogamous for a while until I get a bit further along then maybe move onto some dishcloths so I have something small and cool to knit on.  I have a pair of socks I need to re-knit a bit since they are two different sizes.  They were a gift for someone else but since then I've changed my mind about giving something that requires so much love and effort to someone who won't appreciate it.  And since I do appreciate it very much, it goes to me.  :-)

I can't believe we're on the downhill side of July.  Time goes so quickly and I don't have anything to show for it.  Hopefullly now that I'm feeling marginally more energetic that will keep building until I can get a lot done in a day and then I will have something to show for it.

Well, supper needs my attention and I can tell no more clothes are going out on the line tonight so I'm going to get ready for bed right after supper, watch some dvds and knit.  I finished up Bride & Prejudice last night and loved it.  Hurray for Bollywood!


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knittingdragonflies said...

I'm doing laundry here also, and trying to catch up.
There is a lot to be said for begin a monogamous knitter, things go faster, but my attention can wander to something else.
How is your drawing coming? I just started to play with watercolors!
Ha, I paint like a 3rd grader, no offence to any 3rd graders out there.