Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making it a restful Sunday

I'm feeling a bit better. I spent the better part of the day on my bed watching dvds and knitting with frequent breaks for my shoulders. I did have altar guild but beyond that I did little else.

Well, I put out a kitchen fire. The burner caught fire so we used flour to put it out. Tom, bless his heart, cleaned it up while I went to church and took care of business. Not a big fire and not a big deal. Zach took it pretty calmly, didn't panic and helped me take care of it with no hysteria. I was proud of him.

I've finished up 19 hats and one blanket so far. I've got number 20 on the needles and am almost halfway done with the second blanket.

And I'm almost done with Supernatural, season 4. I've got House, season 3 and Boston Legal, season 1 in my queue.

Although a nap sounds good right now.

I'm still having pain but the fatigue is lifting a bit. I'm not bursting with energy though. Not by a long shot. I'm hoping to get back to getting things done by tomorrow. I don't normally take pain pills during the day but of late it's been necessary.

Otherwise nothing going on here. It's snowing again but no accumulation and a bit the 30s. I'm thinking we may have turned the corner and spring is on the way.

One can only hope.


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Anonymous said...

Happy first day of Spring from Oz! It is raining here and the temps are dropping. that's great as we need the rain and it is so good to have a change from the ongoing heat. We are a funny lot, when it's hot we want cooler but when it's cold we want warmer!! Hope you start to feel better soon...sunshine on your face does wonders for your health and your spirit.

Cheers Anne