Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is NOT around the corner after all

It's been snowing off and on all day and will continue for another day or so. I heard on the news that there is a winter storm watch in effect starting tomorrow night and ending Monday night. I had errands to run today but I had the car and there was no accumulation to speak of. It's warm enough that it's melting as it lands.

I got the tobacco seeds in the mail today. I haven't opened them yet; I'll get to it later. I broke down and bought two of those plastic greenhouse jobbies that fit on tables. I was going to use egg cartons and potting soil but last time I tried to start seedlings the cat ate them. So I went with something that has a lid to it. Plus I can use the plastic parts again next year and just replace the dirt pods with potting soil and nutrients. I got two because I intend to have a lot of tomatoes this year for sauces and such. I don't eat tomatoes much anymore. I just lost my taste for them for some reason. But I use tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce a lot.

Tom is off to his poker party in a little bit so I intend to do a lot of knitting tonight while watching dvds. I'm having a hard time getting into Rumpole of the Bailey. Not sure why. I'll give it more time but I'm not going to force myself to watch it. I'm thinking it just takes time to get to know the characters. I'm enjoying seeing all the young actors who are now classic British icons. I picked up some more books at the library today along with The Last Detective, series one and two. As if I don't have enough to watch already.

I started a new pattern off the ball band of the next skein of baby sport. It's similar to a ripple pattern and easy to memorize. When I'm making something that needs to be done now I much prefer a pattern that doesn't need me consulting the pattern every few stitches. I decided to alternate colors on this pattern instead of doing a solid color. It gives variety for those patterns that could get really boring eventually.

Off to knit and try Rumpole again.


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Anonymous said...

Here they are saying spring is here! Enjoy that knitting :0)