Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Short and sweet

Apparently I take such good care of my mops that by the time the head needs to be replaced, the mop is obsolete...therefore, no mop head. I ended up buying a new mop and picked up another mop head while I was at it. Here's hoping it will last.

I'm mopping floors today and doing some cleaning but it's like I'm trying to walk through water. I feel like I'm moving in slow energy. But the work has to be done. Tomorrow I have errands to run so I want to get it all done today.

I'm nearly done with the baby blanket...just started the side edging. I've finished 12 baby hats and started another one and expect to finish it tonight. Hoping to finish up the blanket as well. I've discovered that I have enough yarn left to make another blanket of the same kind and color. Which means that I have two full skeins that I can use to make 2 more blankets. Which means 4 blankets instead of 2. If I can get it all in by Easter. Quite a goal! I'm not sure I can do it, but I'll try. I definitely want to knit the 40 hats though.

The second season of House is in at the library but I'm hoping more of my reserved stuff will come in by tomorrow so I don't have to make an extra trip. I have nearly finished up season 3 of Supernatural. I was surprised how quickly it went. I got a lot of knitting done the past couple of days while Tom has been taking some vacation days. He fixed supper last night so that freed me up to knit some more.

And get 3 loads of laundry done. I have a little bit of ironing to do but I'll put that off until tomorrow or Friday.

I ordered the tobacco seeds and book today. I hope I can get it in soon so I can get the seeds started. We can't plant until May here (or at least I don't think we can) We have snow in April sometimes and definitely aren't past the dangers of frost until nearly June so I hope to get a hot box rigged up for the tobacco plants. I also need to clean out the garage this summer to make a curing room for the tobacco. We have a wood stove out there and just need to fix a chimney for it.

I don't have time to post much today because I have to start supper and vacuum the living room and my bedroom and sweep the wood floors. And finish up the kitchen, including mopping in there. Then I'll hop into my pajamas and crawl into bed and knit my fingers off.



Anonymous said...

Re: the mop head. It's a conspiracy by the mop companies.

Kathy said...

Aha!!!! I knew it!!!