Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sun...does a body good

I did not disappear. Not really. I've been busy the past couple of days and have been trying not to spend much time online so when I sign off and realize I haven't blogged yet, I put it in my mind to do that next time I'm online. Which I promptly forget to do. And then I sign off again.

So...I thought I would do it first thing this time.

Yesterday was lovely. Sunny and not terribly cold. I almost said warm but 25F isn't really warm unless you're used to temps at 0F or lower. Zach and I got out to the library and some shopping and he picked up some applications to fill out for a job. It felt good to get out in some nice weather for a change. I had intended to go on Tuesday but it snowed all day and the truck is horrendous in snow. It's too lightweight. I could have added the 80 pounds of cat litter to the back but even then it's not great. So I just stayed home and did some work around here. Mostly knitting on the Haiti hats and blanket but I did try to make egg noodles. They turned out mediocre the last time but this time they were awful. Not because I don't know how to make them but my rolling out place is only about 4 sq ft in area. You just can't get anything thin enough working in a small area like that.

So I bought egg noodles yesterday at the store. I've got the grocery bill down somewhat but with my medications added to that it doesn't show. I think next week I won't have to buy anything but milk and eggs and maybe bread. I hope so because I have an unexpected bill that came up and they won't accept payments. Sigh. This is why me having a budget never works. But I think I do pretty good with my own wacky system.

Yesterday was a cleaning frenzy which is odd for me because I am usually exhausted after shopping. I guess the sunshine helped. That and the sleep I've been getting the past few days. I still have tons to do but I got three rooms pretty well cleaned and intend to tackle the weekly bathroom cleaning today. And I've got some laundry in the washer that I had hoped to hang out today but it's going to be cloudy all day so I'll hang them on the racks and hangars.

And then I've got some ironing to do tomorrow. That's the thing about hanging things indoors. But I only iron things that are for church or nice events. Day to day clothes just get worn until the wrinkles fall out. I mean...who notices? When we got out, we are wearing our coats so it's not like it shows.

And ironing is a secret pleasure. Well, I guess not so secret anymore. I do like to iron but probably because I do it so rarely anymore.

Anyway...I've decided to cut back on the garden because I don't want to go into debt to plant it. I'll plant what I can afford this year with the hopes that next year's garden will be bigger and better. I still need to order the tobacco but I think I'll go with finding an organic potato and letting it go to seed rather than ordering any from the seed catalogs. And I can get beans, corn and other things planned from local places when they come out.

I'm trying to stop using the credit cards, even for internet purchases. I hope we've come to the place financially when we can do that. Except for this bill that came in last week. There's really no way around that one since they won't take payments. And's a medical bill. Don't get me started.

Well, my online time is nearly over and I haven't even finished reading the online paper yet so...


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