Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's all Tom's fault

It's all over and you can blame my husband for the Colts losing. He mentioned, just seconds before the interception, that there hadn't been one in the game. And everyone knows that the football gods get very annoyed over things like that. Just like the baseball gods will throw down the lightening bolt of retribution if someone mentions a no-hitter as the pitcher is pitching one.

Sigh. You'd think he would know that.

And I wasn't even that impressed by the commercials.

I've been reading mainly today with only some knitting at coffee hour after church. We ended up having a really nice discussion with a new member and another member of longer duration over everything under the sun. And maybe some things above it. We were nearly the last to leave. The priest was the only one still there. It was very nice and made my day.

I got another inch knitted while talking. Earlier I talked to the woman who is commissioning 2 sweater vests. She showed me the picture of what she wanted and I don't need a pattern for it so it should be fairly easy. She's going to give me one of her old vests to use for a template for size, but not style. She's providing the yarn so I told her what I prefer to knit with but I think she's wanting to use Red Heart yarn. I told her to make sure it felt good to the touch because so much of it is coarser these days. I'll get the yarn next week. She's going to donate money to the church in lieu of payment. She wants to donate it my name but that makes me feel a bit odd so I told her it didn't matter; just stick in in the plate of offer it to a specific ministry or something.

I turned in 8 baby hats today, 2 full size blankets and a 7 man tent into the Haiti box. Jan was thrilled with all of it. They are hoping to send the container out the end of March as there are no ports open right now. Hopefully they will be by then. I might look at the thrift store for some gardening implements that are in really good condition to send along, too. Someone donated 6 pairs of crutches, as there have been many surgeries for amputations.

Our neighbor's house is for sale. I had heard some activity over there late one night last week and wondered if she was okay. She's in her 80s and lives alone. Her son lives across town and comes over fairly frequently and she has someone bring her meals and people from her church check up on her a lot. I don't know what's happened to her; I just hope for the best...that she's moved to an assisted living place rather than the other alternative. She was getting wheelchair bound so I'm thinking that's what happened.

It makes me a bit nervous about getting new neighbors. You never know how picky they will be or whether or not they're inclined to live and let live. Our other neighbors are great at that. Not too friendly but they wave and smile and if we run into each other at the store we'll briefly talk but no over-the-back-fence (which we don't have anyway) stuff. Sometimes he needs to park his truck in between our garages and although it's sometimes just a smidge on our property it's no big deal because we don't use that area for anything much and he never leaves ruts so it's okay with us. He asked first.

New neighbors though. Will they be okay with Professor barking for that brief amount of time it takes us to get to him to quiet him? Will they not mind the back yard being turned into a farm? Will they respect property lines and not let their animals run loose? Should I be fretting over something that hasn't happened yet? I'm such a worrier.

The house is small: a two bedroom with a full basement so I'm anticipating it being either a starter home or rental property. To be honest, the only reason I'm pondering it all is this is the first day I noticed the sign in the yard. By tomorrow it will be out of my mind again.

Tomorrow Zach and I have to hop in the car early so we can get to Slinger and back before Tom needs to go to work. And I need to get gas before we go. Then I intend to attack the house and try to get some work done. I still haven't ordered any seeds yet. And I need to look at propagating the grape vine and pruning the pear and apple trees. Supposedly there is another snow storm heading our way on Tuesday. This time of year I'm really tired of winter. Especially this year. Although I am glad I didn't have to drive up to Fond du Lac three or more times a week. And at night.

Unfortunately the bratwurst I got for our supper is still sitting on my stomach like a log even though I ate 4 hours ago. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I shouldn't eat meat much. I seem to go through this if I eat a lot of it.

Again...apologies to all Colt's fans. I was rooting for them, too.


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