Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunshine and sleep...wonder drugs for the soul

It's amazing what a difference sleep makes. I've been busy all day, cleaning, deep-cleaning, moving furniture. you didn't see that one coming. I had to move a table over to the south facing window so I can start my seedlings next week. We only have one window that we can use so I had to make it available and have room to put my seed pots.

So I'm good to go now. Plus there is the advantage of going on safari to hunt down all those dust elephants that were under the couch and hutch. I think I went over my limit but the game warden wasn't anywhere around so I think I'm safe.

I'm almost done cleaning my room (no furniture moving in there today...sorry) and tidying up. Then I have the kitchen to finish, including mopping.

And then I'm off to curl up in bed to watch Cadfael and knit. I finished up the blanket last night and started the 15th hat. I haven't woven in the ends on the blanket yet but I can get that done soon enough. I have to sew the pocket on Zach's coat before Sunday though. Mending won't wait.

I got through 2 Cadfael episodes. I'll finish the last 2 and then put Rumpole of the Bailey's on. I've never seen that one but saw it in the library inventory online and had to get it. Next week I'll get to House, season 2 and then Midsomer Murders. I found out yesterday that Neil Dudgeon is going to play Tom Barnaby's brother in the next season. I wondered who would replace John Nettles and I couldn't be more pleased. I really like Neil's work and think he's the perfect replacement.

Not that I'll get to see it anytime soon. We still only have got up to set 11 at the library. When our contract is up with our cable company (another year) we'll downgrade to just the lower cable channels, cancel the phone and go with Vonage and join Netflix (one of the cheap options) so I can get those shows I can't get at the library. We also have but I need to figure out what I have to get in order to watch that on the tv instead of the computer. If it costs too much, I'll just stick with the monitor.

Two warm days in a row are nice. Not to mention all that sunshine. I'm hoping we'll see the temps going up a bit so the snow will melt and I can get to the yard and plot out the garden. Plus I'd like to start walking again and I can't with the snow and melting ice freezing across the sidewalks. Professor really needs to take off a few pounds as well.

The dishes need to be finished up so I'm off.



Anonymous said...

ah it sounds like spring is just around the corner and you are getting ready for it...we are waiting for autumn here...can't wait for the cooler weather!! In Brisbane our winters are fairly mild..23 deg C in the day and down to about 7 deg C at night.
Have you tried a pommy show called Doc Martin..I loved that one and it is set in the most picturesque part of Britian

Enjoy your Spring cleaning ...Anne

Kathy said...

Alas! We have snow now and a winter storm watch for tomorrow night. It will get here eventually and I've got my seeds and seed pots ready to get going.

I love Doc Martin!! I've only seen 2 seasons of it so far but I love it. I saw Martin Clunes first in Goodbye, Mr.Chips and fell in love with him then. He also does a travelogue about the islands of Britain but I've only managed to see one show so far.

I love autumn. I think it's my favorite time of year now that I've fallen out of love with winter. LOL