Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time for another babbling post

I didn't make a list today at all so luckily I don't have anything left to do. Okay, well, supper to fix, dishes to do and I am cleaning the bathroom that I didn't finish last night. And I will probably vacuum as well. But no list.

Tom came home early last night, not feeling well. It always worries me when he feels a bit off because he's not inclined to go to the doctor and I can't help but feel concerned. Today he was still not feeling great but I think a bit better. He was achy and had some nausea so it might just be a 24 hour thing. At least I hope so. He's got some vacation days next week so he can rest up then.

We didn't go anywhere today. I just couldn't get out the door because of the bitter, bitter wind out there. For some reason, this winter the cold is bothering me more than it ever has. Especially the windy cold days. I had renewed some books so I don't need to go to the library until tomorrow but tomorrow I must go. Zach is planning on putting in more applications tomorrow, too. I guess Friday we'll go to the clinic in Slinger to sign the request form. Or we'll wait until next week while Tom is off so we can use the car.

I know he needs the car for work but I really hate driving the truck. We're going to put the 80 pounds of cat litter in the back of the truck though....just to make sure. It's a terrible vehicle to drive in the snow. Which we only got about 7 inches of, by the way. I don't know who got a foot of snow but it wasn't us. Thankfully.

Since I've not been very energetic today, I managed to get a short nap in and have been knitting on baby hats. One of these days I'll write out the pattern since it's one of my own. I have variations that I haven't quite refined yet so maybe next week. I'll try to get pictures, too.

I didn't refill the bird feeder today because of the wind but there is still some feed left. I saw the birds out there earlier. Plus there was a beautiful black bird with an orange-ish stripe on its wing munching on the suet. I didn't get a good enough look to really see it. I should use the binoculars but I never think of them.

At least there was sunshine today and our neighbors got the public sidewalk and the driveway apron. Maybe this summer I can share out stuff from my garden to repay their kindnesses. Of course, I think one neighbor just likes to play with his snowblower because it has a windscreen to it. He does practically the whole block.

I finished up the first season of House but the last disk was messed up. It's covered with scratches so I didn't get to see all of the last episode and none of the documentaries. It's a shame but since the dvds are free I can't really complain. I do try very hard to take good care of the dvds I get but I guess other people don't.

I have Supernatural season 3 waiting for me at the library. I'll probably give it a rest after that and go onto another show before I put myself on the list for season 4. I'm hankering for some Star Trek of late. Tom got me some best of Next Generation dvds for Christmas and I've been watching them, but I'm thinking Voyager and DS-9. I should keep track so I know what season I need next.

I'm going to trim the grape vine this weekend and try to get a start out of it. If not, no harm, no foul. I need to prune it anyway.

All I'm doing is babbling so I'm off to fix supper and finish up my work before I settle in for the night.


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