Friday, February 26, 2010

Not a good day

My brain is fried from overuse and I'm still battling the fibromyalgia flare up so this will be short.

The insurance company denied coverage to Zach. They will tell us later why but since he has no health issues beyond Tourette's I can only assume that's what it is. And now that he's been denied coverage he will have to answer yes to the question that is on all policy applications: Have you ever been denied coverage?

That pretty much slams any chance of getting insurance from here on.

I'm just hoping that Washington comes up with a good health care plan that has the public option in it. This is despicable that anyone should have to try to live without health care coverage.

I'm going to bed now. I'll fix supper later.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Zach's insurance situation. Ugh. How frustrating and angering.

Kathy said...

I just feel so defeated. I keep trying to do the right thing and fix our situation and I just keep getting those doors slammed back in my face.

It's exhausting. And with this flare up more stress isn't helping.

Thanks so much, Tana. You're a great friend.

knittingdragonflies said...

So sorry, I agree something needs to be done about health care. I don't know if enough will agree on something. Lets hope so.
Take care

Kathy said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'm not feeling very optimistic about it all. A "friend" told me today that God has told her that we shouldn't have a public option because government is too big. I'm not going to respond to her but I just wonder what her God is telling people who have had to file bankruptcy because they had overwhelming medical debt. Or what did her God say to people who had no insurance to treat life-threatening illnesses and now must watch their loved ones die because they can't afford to treat them.

She has medicare and a government pension. I'm just shaking my head over all of this.