Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lists, the mundane chores, and redecorating

As Anne pointed out in the comments yesterday, lists are fun and can help keep you on track. It's good to watch each item get crossed off as long as your list isn't too long and you aren't left with more to do than you've actually managed to get done. My problem is that my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to how much I can manage in the course of a day.

So I'm lowering my expectations...but only a bit. I still need something to reach for. Having a list that only has one or two things on it doesn't fill me with a sense of accomplishment. Yesterday I managed to cross off most of my list so it was a good day.

As I mentioned yesterday, I scrubbed the kitchen (although there is still much to do in there,) cooked a good supper, washed and put away 3 loads of laundry and got some knitting done. Well, I ripped back a good deal of my baby blanket as I discovered that my stitch count had grown by 4 and there was a row halfway back that looked as if I had knitted it with a much larger needle. I am a process knitter so normally it doesn't bother me to do that but I'm also trying to get a set amount of projects done by Easter so I have to consider that. Still, I don't like sending out knitted items that aren't my best. Especially when I consider that new mothers are getting these and deserve the best I can offer.

So I'm not quite back where I started but I did make good progress. Zach and I finished up the Farscape saga with Peacekeeper Wars. I sniffled a little and as always, when I finish up a series, felt that letdown. I know that leaving them always wanting more is good, but I still want more. I'm so amazed how much better other countries do television and movies. It used to be that Hollywood was the giant but more and more I prefer British or Australian productions. And I must say that many Asian productions leave Hollywood in the dust as well. And happily I'm finding many Australian and British shows in the library system. So I'm not alone. Corporate Hollywood needs to learn from those who are doing it well instead of trying to Americanize those programs and making an inferior product.

End of rant. :-)

I've also been thinking about my blog and just what I'm doing with it. No worry. I'm not thinking of quitting, but I am thinking about why I blog and for whom. Initially (and this is a painfully embarrassing confession) I had dreams of becoming a blogger with a huge following and enjoying the popularity. But more and more I like just what I have and the readers who are still reading in spite of how mundane my writings are.

I don't have great insight or innovative ways of doing things. I'm a plain, simple person just trying to get by. I'm not an inspiration to anyone but I am sharing the journey with a lot of people out there who are just like me. Those are the blogs I love to read the best. The ones where I feel like I'm making friends and sharing life like my mother did, over the fence with her neighbors. These blogs are those backyard fences.

But I will admit that, like I have a need (sorry, Tom) to rearrange furniture now and then, I've been putting off giving my blog a new look. Mostly because I don't want to run off the few readers I do have. (just kidding) So if it looks a little different in the future, it's just me rearranging the furniture. It will probably go back to the old look eventually.

Or not. I'm so predictably unpredictable.

I've got brownies in the toaster oven (on bake this time) and bread rising in the pan awaiting its turn in there as well. The bathroom is screaming for me to come clean it and Zach is getting his togs on to go shovel snow and set the trash out. A few dishes that won't clean in the dishwasher need to be taken care of and some vacuuming and then supper to fix. After that I'm thinking of working on some mending: socks, Zach's coat pocket and anything else I can find that needs done. Then curling up in bed to knit, watch Midsomer Murders that I taped last night and the rest of House, season 1. I should catch up on my blanket tonight and maybe get another hat done.



Anonymous said...

I like comparing blog changes to rearranging furniture. Although I don't like rearranging furniture so perhaps that's a bad sign for my blog?!

Susie B said...

I rearrange my furniture all the time so I know what you mean. Lists are great, but like you, I underestimate the time to do things.

Kathy said...

Susie B: My husband used to get annoyed when I changed the furniture around until he realized how much I needed to do it. Now he's okay with it. For the most part.

One of these days I'll actually finish everything on my list. Or stop writing them. :-)

Thanks for commenting. Good to hear from you.

Kathy said...

Frugal: One of the things that gave me pause about changing my blog layout was that I identify the people who write blogs by their blog designs, so when they change it's like they've had a face lift or complete makeover. I don't recognize them. LOL Yet, when I get used to it, I love the change. I'm not sure why I need to change my environment but get antsy when others change theirs.

Your blog is just fine but even if you changed the layout, the content is still great. :-)

Thanks for commenting. I always like to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

My Mum used to say "A change is as good as a holiday!" It makes you motivated and invigorated!So you go girl! Anne

Kathy said...

Anne, I love that. I think I'll use it next time I rearrange the house. Maybe it will help Tom understand better. LOL