Monday, February 1, 2010

Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day and hoping that dratted groundhog won't see his shadow

The day is far from over but I feel like, for me, it's been a long one already. I did sleep in and felt better for it but I got up and got busy cleaning up the kitchen and washing a load of clothes before Tom needed the shower. I also soaked a mess of baby limas for supper and laid out the last pork steak for Zach, who cannot eat beans due to his OCD. He's tried, believe me. It's not a pretty sight and most definitely better not to force the issue. I did cut out the bone and surrounding meat from his pork steak and am using it for seasoning. Professor will get the bone afterward.

I'm not sure what will go with it beyond corn bread. There is no lettuce left so it will probably be the last of the brussels sprouts and potatoes in some form. Not fried, as I'm working on eating better today. Boiled, with parsley sprinkled on afterward, I think. It will be filling, for sure.

I don't do cost accounting of everything I do. I'm glad some people do (although there are those who take it too far to the extreme) but it's just a step I don't have the time or energy for. After nearly 40 years of housekeeping and cooking, I think I can figure out in my head what is or isn't a cheap, but nutritious, meal.

I told the woman who does the church newsletter that I would give her a few paragraphs on frugality and being green for next month's newsletter but now that I've done that, I'm drawing a blank. Everything seems so common sense to me and when I put it on paper it sounds cheesy or condescending. I'm most likely preaching to the choir in our church. I'll come up with something though.

I also had to refill the bird feeder again. Hungry little creatures, they are. We've had a steady stream of them for the past several days and I've watched the level go down until today I had to do something about it. There is a lot on the ground and some has spilled into the bird bath, which is frozen. I thought about filling it again but it's supposed to snow tonight (just a few inches...yeah...just a few) so that doesn't make any sense.

I wish I could watch them more but the front yard is just too busy for the feeder so the back yard allows for more peace and solitude. This summer I plan on having my fairy garden set up so I can sit there, quietly, and watch them while drinking a glass of tea and reading or knitting. That's where I plan on having my container garden full of herbs and flowers or anything else I can think of.

I spent an hour online finding an insurance company for Zach and then filling out the application. Zach had to listen to me muttering to myself, wondering what this question meant and how the heck was I supposed to remember that situation. I hope it all works out. We went with $2500 deductible because he's not got any health issues but we did go with prescription coverage and dental insurance. All told, the bill will be less than $100 a month. Not terrible but if he doesn't get a job soon, his savings will be depleted.

Hopefully something will turn up soon.

I watched I, Claudius last night. Still have a lot to go but the oldies still hold up. Production values have changed drastically over the years and there are sound issues when someone is further from the boom mikes but it's still quality acting. And it's so fun to watch some of the great British actors in their youth.

I got another baby hat done and started another one. I worked steadily on the baby blanket but it's slow progress. Sport yarn in a blanket does take a while. I plan on knitting more after supper but I did work a bit on the hat while reading blogs this morning.

I've got the load of laundry on racks and hangars. There's not much room to walk around in here but at least I'm saving money. We had an unexpected bill show up over the weekend...a large one. Apparently the new insurance company won't pay for my physicals anymore so I owe for that. And of course they want lump sum, not payments. So we tighten the belt even further. I turned the heat down a bit yesterday but cranked it back up to 60 today because I just can't function when I get too cold. Still... there must be more we can do. Simpler meals, not using the dryer, using curtains to create an airlock between the outside doors and the living areas (you'd be surprised how much that helps,) fewer trips to town, only one visit per week to the store. It's got to help. Even though I'm doing most of that regularly, I need to make sure I'm doing all of that regularly.

Although I don't want to give up the dollar menu lunches after church on Sunday. I like to debrief with Zach for the whole week. Even though he's here all the time we don't talk a lot like we did in the car driving up to school. Not that I mind. But he's cool to connect with and still likes to do that once in a while so who am I to complain.

I didn't get my seeds ordered today and tomorrow will be spent at the DMV getting the clear title for the car (no more car payments so that will help) and Zach's permit renewed. And I'll swing by the library and pick up a book I've got in. But probably won't go to the store until the weekend...or later. We'll see how it works out. I shouldn't have a big list anyway.

I also didn't get as much cleaning done today as I'd hoped to but maybe I can get more done after supper. Although I'm winding down now and still have supper to finish and dishes to wash. But I suppose I should be content that I'm still working more efficiently and more consistently. There is that.

Speaking of supper, I must away to finish it.


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