Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter is here to stay

Snow again. Not much; not even enough to shovel but enough to remind me that Winter isn't done with us yet.

More toggling with the insurance company trying to get Zach insured. They needed to talk to him about his Tourette's, like it might be a disqualifying thing. We have to go to Slinger to his neurologist to sign a paper releasing his records to them so they can see that Tourette's won't be a burden on them. He stopped taking his meds 4 years ago so maybe they need it to be 5 years or something. But it's not like he was taking anything expensive. Haldol is generic and cheap. But he has said he'll never go back on it because of the way it made him feel. The tics are less intrusive into his life than the side effects of haldol. He told them that but you never know.

So for now, his application is on hold until we can sign the papers and they can see his records.

Nah...we don't need no stinking health care reform. Insurance companies are good. Government is evil. (note the sarcasm that you can't really hear but is dripping from each word.)

In the meantime, Zach and I will watch Farscape: the Peacekeeper's War this weekend and I managed to get another copy of House, season 1. Quickly, too. I'm not sure if it's because the copy I got after waiting for a month was damaged or just the luck of the draw. I didn't check to see what library it was from though.

There is a speaker going to be at the library who I would like to see but I can't drive the truck at night so I guess I'll have to miss it. Sigh. It can't be helped. The weather has been against Tom trying to get it fixed and it looks like the fender will have to be straightened out before he can pop the hood on the truck to get to the light to change it out.

We have no manner of luck at all.

I've got 6 baby hats knitted out of the 40 I had challenged myself to knit. I'm going to take them into church to put in the Haiti baby basket. I'm about a fourth of the way through with the blanket. I got huge skeins of baby yarn but it does tend to tangle easily so some of my time is spent untangling. It's a good thing I'm patient.

I also bought 2 adult size blankets. They were on sale for $6 each and will cover 2 people easily. As I've said before some of the refugees from the earthquake area are heading to Jeanette, which is in the mountains and much cooler than they're used to. We also have a tent to dig out of the garage tomorrow to send with the blankets. I'm afraid it's all I can afford for now. It's really more than I can afford but how can we not do something for these people?

I rounded up a lot of baby yarn I've got stored in various places all over the house so I have plenty to make tons of hats. I've got enough baby yarn for one more blanket and plenty of worsted weight yarn to make a couple of log cabin blankets. I'll just keep plugging along and after Lent I'll go back to my sweaters and maybe some socks. And keep a hat on the needles at all times.

I've still got a dog blanket on the needles. I sometimes work on that while I'm reading online. I finished one and started another. I use the yarn I get from people at church, from the stash of their friends and neighbors. Some of it is okay to use for the babies of Haiti but most of it is Red Heart quality circa 1980 or so...maybe even from the 60s. Good enough for doggies though. I make it very thick and cushiony so it will feel good on those concrete floors at the animal shelter.

I made a decision to stop washing all the dishes by hand and to start using both the dishwasher and dryer. I'm not getting much else done. I wish I had more energy but what little I have is keeping me chained to those two chores so nothing else is getting done. I got the utility bill yesterday and we're doing great: $135 for both gas and electric. In fact, that's amazing considering the sub zero days and nights we had last month. I feel good enough to hand off those chores to modern technology and start working on deep cleaning and organizing.

And I still have to order some of the seeds for the garden. And get them planted. I'm such a procrastinator.

So supper is done: fried rice and egg rolls. A pretty economical meal all around. I made plenty so there will be enough for lunch tomorrow. One huge chicken breast from the roast chicken we had the other night. Not bad.

I'm not spending as much time online so I'm getting more done in the way of reading and knitting. Still not working as much as I would like but my old enemies are back and I'm battling anxiety attacks now. And they do like to show up in the middle of the night. I haven't had them since 1997 or so and I don't know how they found me since I moved across country since the last one. But they are crafty critters and show up when you least expect them.

I will survive though. I always do.


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