Sunday, February 14, 2010

Never on a Sunday

I learned today that shopping on Sunday is a bad idea. I postponed it because I didn't want to go to the store just because it had been a week and thought I would go after church. We didn't make it to church because Zach was under the weather but had to go shopping anyway.

Everyone was there. My mom said some people get their social security checks on the 15th so I expect that accounted for that set of people. I'm sure there are other groups that get theirs mid-month as well.

They have more snow in Southern Indiana than we do now. I think that's fair. I do like to share it all out. We shouldn't have all the fun, anyway. My brother-in-law is good at keeping their driveway clear so that's good. He's a great guy to have around.

I'm more than halfway done on the baby blanket and finished up another hat. I'm halfway done on the next hat and intend to work intently on both tonight while finishing up All Creatures Great and Small. The library doesn't have the specials...just the series but that's okay. It wasn't hard to finesse into the next series, having read the books a few times already.

Then I move onto Supernatural, season 3. I've got some more books on order because I'm nearly done with what I got from the library the other day. I've been reading a lot lately. Less time online is definitely what I need. And I need to cut back even more.

I culled a few more blogs from my list. Just the ones who haven't updated in a month. There are some I'll never stop reading unless they quit writing. I get attached.

I'm planning on ordering the tobacco seeds tomorrow but I found a book as well. It's a package deal so I think I'll get both. Especially since I'm not sure what I'm doing. I need to get them started very soon. As well as all the other stuff I need to start. I'm not sure I can get stuff in the ground before May though. We still have some brutal weather in April. I've got a tarp if I need to cover things but not a lot of wire and tubing to keep it off the seedlings. That's an expense I had planned on for next summer.

My fingers are yearning for some knitting so I'm off.



Anonymous said...

I love All Creatures Great and Small...I read all the books as a kid and then have seen the series a couple of times. I love English shows and especially English comedy


Kathy said...

I own some of the books but they're up in the attic. I think it's easier just to get them from the library. :-)

I had never seen the series and really do like it. I've got to put more of them on order at the library.

I am a huge fan of English productions. But I'm becoming fond of Australian productions as well.

Good to hear from you again, Anne.