Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When nothing gets done because there's just no energy

Another sunny and warm-ish day. Okay it wasn't above freezing but it was above 20F so for us that's warm-ish.

But I got next to nothing done today. I'm still recovering from sleep deprivation, I think. Or the fatigue that goes along with fibromyalgia. Pain is under control, thankfully.

I watched the two Hellboy movies last night. They were good and I got a lot done on the cabled pullover. Including all the tinking because I had been adding two extra rows to one of the cable patterns. Every time.

It looks much better when you have the right number of rows.

It's coming along nicely and at this rate should be done by June. Sheesh! I need to get back to the cardigan since it is closer to being done.

Zach and I were going to watch the last season of Farscape tonight but I just don't feel like it. I think I'm going to bed as soon as the clothes are done in the dryer (yes, I'm using that now...there is just no room for the wooden racks and too cold for hanging them out.)

Just a wasted day all around.

I think I'm going to watch tv and go to sleep tonight with no knitting or projects going on. I need to catch up on sleep and rest. And I can feel the aches coming back so I'm off to take a tramadol and get the clothes out of the dryer.

I hope tomorrow is better.

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