Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying to count my blessings.

Jan talked today about Jeanette, Haiti, where our sister church, school and hospital are. Their structures are good, no one has been injured. Jeanette is about 70 miles from Port au Prince so they weren't as affected. We were asked by the bishop to be generous toward either the Haiti Project, the Episcopal Relief and Development or a reputable charity of our choice. I chose the Haiti Project since I've been working on baby items that get sent there as well as our pennies for the school lunches. Since living conditions in Port au Prince are so bad, a lot of people are moving out of the city and into outlying areas, such as Jeanette, so their resources will very soon be overwhelmed.

Church was a somber affair today because of the news of all the losses in Haiti. Jan was crying throughout the service and I can't say I blame her. They haven't been informed of the status of the priest yet or his family. The family lived near Port au Prince but he was most likely at the school in Jeanette at the time. A group of people from the Haiti Project will be going down there in a couple of weeks. That's the soonest they could get a flight down there.

It really puts my life in perspective. I wish I could say I won't whine anymore but I'm weak and I know I'll do it again and again. I would love to be a more positive person. Are positive people born that way or do they learn it?

I'm still in a sleep deficit: two whole hours last night. I managed to just doze off when I woke up from pain. It takes a while for the tramadol to kick in so I was gritting my teeth and being very restless for a couple of hours. I didn't want to take two of them so I just waited it out. Eventually I felt the pain ease off and I was able to doze off. And the cat decided to wake me up at least three times wanting to curl up in my arms. The last time was 8 minutes before the alarm went off. I'm resigned to interrupted sleep the rest of my life.

I'm fixing pizza from scratch tonight but I cheat by using my bread machine for the dough. I only use it to mix up the stuff and let it go through the rising cycles. My house is way too cold for any dough to rise otherwise.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sight of hoar frost on everything. It was very foggy on the way to church but that wasn't a problem. Zach had a vestry meeting so we were very late getting away and the hoar frost was still on the trees. It looked like we had some light and intermittent snow showers but it was hard to tell if it was from the trees or the sky. On the way home we drove through what looked like a snow shower and there weren't any trees around anywhere. But we drove right out of it in a matter of seconds. So who knows?

So we never got any sunshine this weekend. Nor did we get the warm temps that were promised. Lying liars.

The truck didn't get fixed this weekend. It was a disappointment but without sunshine and the lovely heat that was promised, it was too difficult for Tom to get out there and work. I swear I am cleaning out the garage this summer and being merciless so we can fit a vehicle in there next winter. And I'm going to see about setting up the wood stove in there, as well.

So we are limited to daytime driving next week again. Zach has to go pay for his program to finish up college and I need to transfer money from savings so I can pay the first installment on the property taxes. Sooner rather than later, too. Might as well get it done on Monday.

I'm off to chop up vegetables for the pizza. I'm debating using the big oven. We can shut the door although not tightly. It's the opening that is a problem since one of the brackets is broken and it tends to drop very suddenly when opened. Otherwise, I'll have to fix small pizzas times 3. The advantage there is everyone gets what he wants on his own pizza and all I have to do is lay out the dough and the sauce. They can do the rest.

And I still haven't done any laundry.


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