Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My long weekend is staying at home and doing deep cleaning

I had another day of errands today but I managed to get them all done (except for an auto-prescription notice that was emailed to me while I was out) so I get to be contentedly home until church on Sunday. Bliss. Sheer bliss. It always feels like a vacation to me when I get to stay home and work. I really don't like running all over the place taking care of errands and such.

I got a load of clothes washed and hung up on hangars and racks. They are drying more quickly in the winter than they did over the summer. I'm guessing it's because the humidity is so low. My eyes are still dry unless I use my potpourri pot. It's odd how such a small thing can make such a difference. I should have another load tomorrow.

I stayed up late last night reading. I got so wrapped up in it, that I didn't notice the time. It was 4:30 a.m. before I turned the light out and immediately went to sleep. And of course, got up early to let Professor out to wee. The reading list is going back up. I realized I liked keeping track after all.

The birds have been back although I haven't seen them. But the bird feeder is getting low and will need to be re-filled by Friday. Which should be a snow day if the forecast is correct. It's not supposed to be a lot (considering a couple of years ago we had 108 inches for the season) but enough to make the grungy snow look pretty again. And us shoveling sidewalks again. sigh

Zach had his dentist appointment today. Our share of it was nearly $150 and that was for all three appointments so I guess it's not a bad deal. We've got the lowest rung of dental insurance so it's not like we get a lot off. Zach really likes the dentist. His experience with the orthodontist really soured him on dental check ups but he's motivated to take really good care of his teeth. Postive reinforcement is so much better than growling at someone every time they walk in the door.

I got Farscape season 3 today so I plan on watching a lot of tv over the next few days. I have a lot to knit on: my cardigan...I'm doing the decreases for the neck on the right side. And the pullover, which I haven't gotten too far on because it's a cabled/textured pattern and requires a bit more attention, which I don't have much of these past few days.

We had cheesy potatoes tonight with brussels sprouts. A meal Zach hates. I fixed him some tuna salad sandwiches, which is a soft meal and something he really likes.

I got the water bill today. Normally we get it for 3 months at a time. This is the last 3 month bill. Next month we start on monthly. Our bill went down $10, which is pretty amazing. I've only been washing by hand for over a month so that should mean a good savings from now on. Maybe enough to pay the rate hike for the fire protection we're going to be charged from now on.


I've been peeking at a blog from a family that is off the grid, which brings up a lot of questions in my mind. How are they blogging every day if they don't have electricity? I went through some old posts where she stated that she would be going to the library to blog. I though, okay, that's a bit of a bother to leave home to run to town every day but if you're not blogging daily I guess it could work out. They have 40 acres so I'm assuming they live a little way from town. They're in Amish country so I'm guessing we're not looking at a metropolis close by.

She has children, farm animals, baking from scratch and many other things she has to accomplish in the course of the day so how does she have time to run to town to the library 4-6 times a week?

Not judging. Just curious.

Not curious enough to ask though.

Also, I'm not sure I would open up my home for people to come watch me try to live off the grid and charge money for it. Just sayin'. But I'm a very private person when it comes to my haven. It's one thing to open up here on the blog, but it's quite another to have people actually see how I live in person. I like my privacy. I love feeling safe and secluded in my home.

Let's face it. I'm a recluse.

But a contented one.

Off to finish up the dishes and then knitting for the rest of the night.


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