Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brrrrr...again after a nice warm spell of temps in the 20s.

My energy levels are creeping back up due largely, I'm sure, to getting more sleep. However, more sleep doesn't necessarily equate to enough sleep. I'm still not there. I'm averaging about 6 hours a night now. It's not enough but it's a start.

I intend to tackle the house tomorrow and get some much needed cleaning done. I also hope to get some baking done: tortillas, bread, muffins. My eyes are usually bigger than my stomach when it comes to my energy levels so I'm not committing to's just what I would like to accomplish.

I've been reading a frugal blog that is pretty controversial and one of the complaints is about how dirty the woman's home is. I'm sure I wouldn't want anyone to take pictures of my house right now and put it up on the internet. So I intend to rectify that situation first thing tomorrow.

Tom has been sleeping in lately, which is good for him. It's hard to get to sleep when you get home after midnight. You just can't hop into bed and go to sleep. He needs down time and that can take a few hours so his nighttime cache of sleep is pretty empty, too. What I'd like to do is get up early (if I can get to bed early enough) and get some work done before he wakes up. I can't work when he's around because, as I've said repeatedly, it's a very small house and he needs the rooms I work in when he's up getting ready for work. So rather than try to work around him, it's best to find the time to work when he's either asleep or gone.

And since there is so much to do, I really should take advantage of all those moments when I can.

Of course, it all hinges on me being able to get to sleep early enough.

I got some baby sport yarn today...huge skeins of I can get started on some baby blankets for the newborns in Haiti. I've got plenty of small balls of baby yarn that I can make hats of but the blankets take a bit more yarn. I could wait until Lent to start but I've got the urge now so now is when I intend to start it. I've finished one hat and hope to get another one done today in addition to starting the blanket. I don't want to announce at church that I'm doing this. I'm really uncomfortable getting attention for what I do.

I've also got the two consignments coming up soon. One is crocheting a dress for a bed doll and the other is two knitted vests. The woman who wants the vests is tiny so it shouldn't take forever. But she seems to think I can get it done in a day. I told her a few times it takes me longer than that, but she still walked away thinking I could finish two vests in a week's time.


I wanted to watch the House dvd (season 1) that I got from the library last night but when I put it in the dvd player, it couldn't read it. So I put it in our other dvd player and same thing. I took it out and the whole side was sort of starburst-like. So weird. That was the only dvd in the set that looked like that. So I took it back today and showed it to them because I don't want to get blamed for it. It looks like it's been fried or something equally electronically awful. I suppose I could go back on the list for the show but my luck I would get the bad set again because they didn't take it out to fix it.

Oh, well...I still have I, Claudius to watch and we hope to finish Farscape this week. Then I'll put The Peacekeeper's War on order.

I'm still on the waiting list for a lot of other dvds. My luck they will all come in at once.

Oh...and it's bitterly cold today. Of course I would have to go run errands in sub-zero wind chills. But the property tax installment is made and so is the water bill (I killed two birds with one stone since I hate to go to city hall for anything due to traffic and parking.)

And now that the sun is setting a bit later, our need to race to get the errands done is less frantic. It's still setting before 5 p.m. though.

Supper just dinged in the toaster oven so I'm off.


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