Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life in the boring lane

Maybe I should just let you know when I do get sleep. It would be more newsworthy.

We had Impossible Pie for supper tonight and I made an apple/walnut cobbler but I will adjust the recipe next time. No sugar in the crust and it came out tasting a bit soapy. I thought it was just me but Zach said the same thing.

The apples and walnuts were good though.

Zach has his second dental appointment tomorrow morning. And the last one for a while. We'll keep up with the checkups and he's going to take extra care so he doesn't need any major work done but we won't be able to keep up on his dental insurance. I'm not so sure about COBRA either but we'll have to see. I need to start looking at insurance plans for him because we still don't have the truck fixed so he can't look for a job, which means no benefits. It's worrying him whether he'll even find a full-time job anyway, especially in his field.

I still don't know why Tom is so happy the health care bill might fail now but my need to keep this blog free from profanity keeps me silent on the issue.

Short and sweet since nothing happened worthy of noting today. I'm off to watch some television and not knit again. I'm not used to sitting down without something to do but I'm just too tired to wrap my brain around a pattern right now.


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