Wednesday, January 27, 2010

News from Haiti

I meant to write last night but I got busy baking (which turned out disastrously because someone (could have been me) left the toaster oven on broil and brownies don't bake well at all on broil) and cleaning up and then there was Farscape to watch with Zach so I never got back to the computer.

There was bad news on the prayer chain: we got word that the people of Jeanette, Haiti, are starving. Mary+ sent a money wire to them in hopes that it won't get lost in the mire and they'll get some food sent there. At the best of times they don't have a lot and one meal a day isn't a given for them. Now with the influx of people and being cutoff from supplies or having no supplies coming, things have become very desperate there.

It really puts things in perspective for me with my whining about my money problems. I would hope it would make me stop doing it but I'm sure it won't. It's one of the really bad sides of my personality. But maybe my Lenten practices should include working on complaining.

Today is another errand day but it's sunny in spite of being cold and a bit windy so I intend to enjoy it as much as I can. Sleep is still elusive but when I do manage it, it's deep and uninterrupted so that has to count for something.

I've not gotten a lot of knitting done but the mindless garter stitch of the dog blanket for the animal shelter is growing. I do want to get back to other things. I need to dig through my bin for baby hat patterns. I tried crocheting one and I think I prefer the knitted hats so I'll get back to that. Although for the most part I do remember the pattern so I might just go ahead without the pattern. I am going to crochet some blankets though as they come along much quicker than the knitted ones do.

I need to get caught up on reading and get some more planning done for the garden this spring. I also need to set Zach up with some insurance. I found a policy that won't break us but will certainly mean tightening the belt nearly to the spine. He's going to try to make the payments from his savings as long as he can. Hopefully he'll be able to start looking for a job soon.

It should be a productive day today.


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