Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another wasted day

Another unproductive day. I ended up going to town because I had some things ready at the library and because I wanted to get Zach started on the ACT II. Halfway there I remembered that my library card is on my key chain, which Tom has.

He lost his keys a few months ago so he takes mine and I take the truck key on the days he works. I forgot to take my card off of there so there is still a trip to the library awaiting me.

I'm thinking of replacing my card anyway because it's gotten so brittle the corner broke off of it. If I do that, I'll get a regular card instead of the keychain card so I've got it all the time.

What I'm really putting off doing is replacing the key remote because that is $40 or so. But you can't drive the car without it. I wish we could find his keys.

I need to start a load of clothes. I'm getting behind again but I don't want to use the dryer. I could have hung them out today if I'd been on top of things but there you go. Me, not paying enough attention to what is going on around me can end up costing us extra money.

I didn't lay anything out for supper but I don't want to use up all the meat in one week. I went ahead and bought groceries for next week while I was there. I had intended to just get milk, bread and sodas (the store brand) but the chalkboard list was getting pretty long so I went ahead and bought everything. We still haven't learned to just do without. I've got to work on that.

I've been having trouble with dry eyes the past few days. I suspect it's because of the dry heat we use and not having any humidity in the air lately. I was pondering it last night while trying not to rub my eyes and I thought about a potpourri pot I had from the 80s. So I got it out, used plain water in it and a tea candle under it and before very long I had steam rising from my pot and my eyes were less irritable. So first thing this morning I started it up again and since a tea candle lasts almost 2 hours, I figured it was a cheap date.

Well, off to start the laundry and try to figure out what to fix for supper that doesn't involve meat. I could make a tuna casserole but that really doesn't appeal to me at all. We had eggs the other night so that's not an option.

I just remembered that I didn't use all the hamburger I had laid out last night. We had spaghetti so I used only about 3 ounces of meat in the sauce. I've got at least that much left over so I can figure out some kind of casserole out of that.

But that won't happen at all unless I get off of here and get busy.


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