Monday, January 18, 2010

I fell asleep at the keyboard trying to figure out a title for this post

We finally got the much delayed sun today and its warmth was like a tonic. I'm feeling almost chipper at the moment. The snow is melting and sliding off the roof and I was able to get out back to give the birds their long-awaited refill on the bird feeder. There was a flock of them in the thicket up the hill and they were a bit vocal while I attended to matters of great import to them. When I got back inside, I shut the door and peeked out the window but they were feigning indifference. I can tell by the level of food that they waited until I left to go shopping to fill up.

I got another bag of yarn from a dear lady at church. I feel bad that I haven't really done much with all the yarn she gives me but it's Red Heart yarn and a bit too coarse for baby things so I had planned to start knitting blankets for the Humane Society. I'm just good at planning and not at execution, however. But I decided that I did need to start it so I'm knitting while reading blogs and while doing my step exercises. It's plain garter stitch, double yarn, on big needles. Mindless knitting but since I hate to just sit and not be productive, this gives me the excuse to take the time to read more.

I also want to start knitting baby things again. With the influx of people into Jeanette, the hospital might be overwhelmed with newborns. I've got plenty of baby yarn so I should keep something on the needles at all times. It's been a while since anyone has put anything into the Haiti baby basket so maybe if I do, others will follow.

I got about 6 hours sleep last night and feel much better. The sunshine does help a lot, too, but nothing compares to getting sleep. I woke up with a cat in my arms but I have no memory of him crawling under the covers to get there so maybe he's realized he can achieve his goals without waking me up.

I did the shopping today because I was out of enough things to make it worth my while and I got enough extras that I won't run out of anything until the weekend at least, and then mostly things I can do without. I feel better having things in stock rather than trying to buy for a week at a time. And I managed to cut my grocery bill nearly in half. Even though I had to buy Zach a new lamp for his bed table. A small one that didn't cost a lot. We'll repair his lamp because it was Tom's dad's lamp...a brass one, but Zach is storing up for his apartment someday so I don't mind helping him out occasionally.

I made pizza last night in the big oven. I could feel the heat leaking out from the door but we're talking about less than 15 minutes so it's not as bad as it could have been. It takes two people to bake, though. One to hold the door and not open it beyond a certain point and the other person to put in or take out the food. I'll only use it for pizzas. Everything else I can fit in the toaster oven.

Not sure what to fix for supper tonight. I didn't lay anything out but I've got some Polish sausage I could thaw quickly. Maybe look around online for a recipe or two. Or I could be lazy and just cook it and cook up some potatoes and a veg. Planning meals is one of my worst areas. I don't plan ahead much and so I find myself cut short when I want to fix something or what I want to fix is frozen.

Baby steps. I just need to keep taking baby steps. I've been taking them for over 21 years and I still can't walk well without help. sigh

Next weekend is looking lousy so I don't know when Tom will be able to fix the headlamp on the truck. It's so hard to have your life put on hold over something like that but what can you do?

Well, off to figure out what to fix and how to fix it.


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