Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday, rain, Haiti and the Super Bowl

Rain. Lots of it. The snow is going away and since it has to go somewhere, I'm pretty sure there's plenty of wet down in my basement. I may get my courage up to go down there tomorrow. Especially since I have a load of clothes in the dryer and one in the washer.

Yes, I have to use the dryer. My house is just too small for the wooden racks. And for now it's helping heat the house because I have it vented indoors.

And speaking of heat...the furnace didn't kick on at all last night. Zach turned it down to 50F before he went to bed, which is the perfect sleeping temperature for us and I found myself kicking the covers off a lot during the night. When I got up the temp was 55F. So the furnace couldn't have come on at all. Definitely needed to catch that break.

Church was very good today. Our numbers are still down. We've lost 3 young families in the past 15 months to moves so our church school doesn't always have any children in it. Today was one of those days. We did have a new person show up with the intentions of making St. Mark's his church. I was impressed that he sat through out annual meeting without looking bored. Not that it was boring to me because I'm interested in what's going on but to a new person who doesn't know all the ins and outs of where are money has been going, it can be a bit boring.

There was good news from Jan about Jeanette, Haiti. Only one cistern was damaged (they had just been repaired recently) and the buildings only had a few cracks but they expect an influx of people migrating from Port au Prince and the surrounding areas and are trying to anticipate their needs. Jeanette is already very poor and has limited resources. Still haven't heard about the school administrator and his family but Pere Gracia, the interim priest in Jeanette and his family are okay.

I'm off to watch some more Farscape, season 4 with Zach. I got All Creatures Great and Small from the library and watched it last night until I kept falling asleep. I took the hint and got to bed pretty early for me. It was a rare thing to have enough sleep before church. And it felt so good.

The Colts made it to the Super Bowl (I'm originally from Indiana so it's good to root for the old home team) but Tom's Vikings didn't make it. He's not a happy camper. I'm not too invested in the game but it was nice to hear that the Colts are back.


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