Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feels like winter

It's chilly outside and chili inside.

Yeah, I know...corny joke, but I'm cooking chili right now because it's easy and because I can make a ton of it so we can pig out all night.

And I never say no to one pot cooking.

It's so cold it takes my breath away outside but I'm bundled up and wearing my sleep hat (which totally looks ridiculous but who cares?) so I'm doing okay. I watched some stuff I had taped and worked on my cardigan then got antsy and cast on the sweater I decided on last night. I'm using one size smaller needles because my choice of yarn is slightly thinner but my gauge isn't too far off. I just went up one size and will use the length measurements from one size down. I've done that with baby patterns before and it worked out really well.

I did some deleting of blogs in order to shorten my time online. I kept blogs I felt a connection to no matter how often they post but others seemed a bit redundant to me and I didn't feel like there was enough difference between what they post and the favorites to keep the redundant ones. I also un-joined some groups on Ravelry in order to cut down the amount of time I spend there. Way too much over the holidays. Way too much. And I don't want to get that habit started back up again so I kept the special interest groups and a couple of religious discussion groups but got rid of all the controversial groups that suck me in for hours and hours of reading and posting.

I'm still not sure about church tomorrow. I'm making plans to attend but will decide at the last minute if it's too cold to set forth from the house.

Off to eat chili and watch Signs and then more knitting and Lark Rise to Candleford and The Royal.


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