Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WIP Wednesday

The computer was being obnoxious yesterday and this morning. It was running (ha! not running....moseying) so slowly I couldn't even get my mail. It took about 4 hours but I finally got my clean up program to fix things.

On to my WIPs. Not all, of course, but the ones I've been working on the past few days.

The Jaywalker pattern is perfect for the Paint Box yarn. The colors really pop with this pattern. I'm loving these.

This is my attempt at the lap doily. Jared started this with the Hemlock Ring. Mine is Stor Rund Dug, picture in the post below. My version is right here. I'm using Caron Simply Soft in soft pink. The color is pretty true. I love this. I'm going to make more of these and maybe go with other doily patterns. This is for one of my great-nieces. I might make another in a different color for the other great-niece. It's so dainty and fun to knit. It would be a perfect first lace pattern for someone, too. The pattern is very simple.

One caveat: Don't knit this while watching Pitch Black. I had to tink back four rounds.

And this is the Jesse's Flames sleeve. I googled yesterday looking at other people's finished products (Oh Ravelry where art thou?) and only saw one in which the duplicate stitch was good. And I still didn't like the bright yellow. I'm content with just the red. I had to tighten up some stitches but I think when I wash it, the rest will look more even.

Zach has class tonight so I'm taking the Jaywalkers and the lap doily. More listening to His Dark Materials, book 2. And then tonight (be still my heart) Hamish Macbeth season 2. I love the library!

And Robert Carlyle isn't bad either.


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