Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I thought about making this title "All Vicki, all the time," but I was afraid she would get a restraining order against me. I could so stalk her she's that much fun. We didn't get raucous at Mickey Ds but we did have fun. Or at least, I did. When I get nervous (and I am painfully shy no matter how much I try to hide it) I babble. I can just imagine when she got in her car to leave she was saying to herself, my word could that woman talk any more?

Her hand to hand cardigan is wonderful. I sat watching her cable without a needle and was mesmerized. I told her it was entertainment to watch someone knit. The yarn she's using is really strange. It's basically very thin roving with a thread of yarn wrapped around it to keep it from pulling apart, but boy do those cables pop with that yarn. Her pictures don't really show the detail and she's got a pattern she adapted from a lattice to a near-herringbone. It's beautiful. I have to get that pattern from her.

I stopped off at the pharmacy to get a refill and would you believe the tech didn't know it was Talk Like a Pirate Day? Had never heard of it. I enlightened her and I'm sure she let everyone else in the pharmacy know as well. Maybe next year they won't look at me funny when I ask for my prescription with the words ahoy matey, I be lookin' for my prescription under the letters Wa. If Judy had been working she would have laughed.

At least they were talking like pirates on ESPN today. I watched and knitted while waiting at McDonald's. Yes, this McD has two flat screen televisions, a fireplace, automatic soap dispensers and a flushing mechanism that kept me in the bathroom for at least five minutes trying to figure out. But the service reeks. It was much better before they upgraded.

I was listening to an indoctrination orientation for new workers while waiting for Vicki and I sure wouldn't want to work there. Especially not for minimum wage.

Would you believe I forgot the camera today?

Finished the intarsia on the sleeve, got the back and left front done on the cardi and almost ready for the toe on the Jaywalkers. And (said sheepishly) I cast on a baby sweater at 4:15 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. Which I will most likely frog because I found a crocheted round baby blanket pattern last night.

I need help. Maybe intervention even.




Vicki Knitorious said...

ARRRRGGGHHH! I didn't say one pirate-y thing yesterday -- even after you told me what day it was! Too much to process yesterday.

It was so great to meet up with you, though! We'll definitely have to do that again. I'm sure I thought the same thing about blabbing, only from me-to-you, as I got into my car.
; )

Cheesehead With Sticks said...

"Maybe next year they won't look at me funny when I ask for my prescription with the words ahoy matey, I be lookin' for my prescription under the letters Wa."

I just hopped over from Vicki's blog, but once I read this I KNEW you must be blogrolled! That is hillarious!

Cookie said...

I'm sure they just thought you were off your meds. ;^)

Angie said...

A Wisconsin blogger meet up! Hurrah. I think we are developing into a force to be recognized. :-) Beaver Dam!?! When I'm home I'm just east of Poynette.