Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm so boring I can't think of a title

Thanks for all the birthday greetings. I'm just astonished you all knew it was me. I'm at a loss to know how you figured it out. *whistling innocently*

Zach's college is having a graduation ceremony for GED/HSED graduates this Wednesday. Caps and gowns and everything. He's so excited and so am I. Found out Sunday that the college also wants to do an article on Zach and me concerning his homeschooling and his high scores on the GED, why we chose that route, how we did it, why he picked a technical college. And why he chose to take the GED.


Boring stuff on the knitting front. Same old, same old. I had to rip the Jaywalker back a bit because the foot portion was too narrow, but this is my sock so there is no hurry. Almost done with the cardigan. I'm working on the last sleeve which is going very quickly (it's a size 2 so how long could it take?) I worked a bit on the dishcloth shawl, which is mindless work but good for listening to audiobooks (Hamish Macbeth this time...Order of the Phoenix is put on standby because I own that one and don't have to get it back to the library in the next two weeks.

I've decided on my Christmas present this year (or maybe my birthday present since the unnamed adult male wasn't the one to get me the egg fact said unidentified adult male didn't get me squat for my birthday except more promises he's going to make me something...yeah...I'll believe that when I see it.) I'm going to get Wrapped in Comfort by Alison Hyde. I've heard nothing but good things about it and I love that she has designed the patterns to stay on the shoulders. Mine apparently slope a lot because I can't keep shawls on (or purses for that matter.) Plus she is very approachable if I need any help. So...yep...I'm going to get me one of those. I'm just too good to me.

I got some spinning done today without many problems at all. I don't know what happened the other day. I'm almost ready to start plying. Once I have that down I'm going to use the roving I bought at the Sheepy Wool festivus. I think I'm going to look into Navajo plying, too. I just can't wrap my brain around it when I read it. I'll look for a video of it.

In two weeks Zach's schedule goes into overload because he has two more classes that are starting up. He's been driving a bit more but he's still very white-knuckled and got scared driving with Tom Saturday and swore he wouldn't drive again. It looks like I will be spending more time in the car or library knitting (which, to be honest, I don't mind so much.) If he got an appointment now for the road test, it would be January and in Wisconsin, that's a very iffy time to take your driving test. So I guess my winter is spoken for.

Waking the Dead tonight (season 1). I've got so many things on order at the library. I hope they don't all come in at the same time.

Off to knit some more on the second first sleeve of Jesse's Flames. I should get past the intarsia tonight if I'm diligent.



AlisonH said...

Thank you! Enjoy!

Cookie said...

Maybe he'll make you a wheel. :D

Although, I think you're going to need some hunting socks if you're driving your son around and waiting on him this winter. o.0