Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday blahs

I woke up with energy and started doing some deep scrubbing of the house and then as the day wore on I got achier and achier so I thought I would catch up on some knitting. I've decided what to do for Rylee. I found a sweater in Knit It and a skirt on Knitty. I'll have enough left over for a wee purse for the wee girlie.

Shae will get a poncho but I haven't decided which one yet. I know I don't want one with two rectangles put together. More shaping, similar to the Yarn Harlot's but I don't want to use bulky weight yarn. I've seen several out there that would work, but haven't decided yet. I'm a ways away from committing though.

Shae wants to learn how to knit so I will have two days to teach her the fundamentals. I need to find a good book that she can follow. They have a kit at StuffMart so I might get that.

No pictures today because the batteries are dead in the camera because someone who shall remain nameless *coughmecough* left the camera on so the batteries are recharging. I promise pictures tomorrow. I'll have more done on the sweater by then.

I tried to refill the color ink cartridge on the printer but the kit I got said my cartridge was included, but it wasn't. None of the holes will fit my cartridge so I can't get the lid off. Now I've got ink all over my hand and an empty cartridge. I'll have to get another one tomorrow. I'm going to look into Walgreen's refill thing but our Walgreen's is still under construction time, I think.

I'm forcing Zach to get behind the wheel tomorrow to drive to church. Hardly anyone is out that time of day so it should be good. Unfortunately yesterday while I was driving him to a friend's house some idiot woman decided to pass a whole line of cars heading toward us and I had to go off the road and slam on the brakes or we would have had a head on. Didn't faze her though. As soon as I passed she was out passing the rest of the cars. It scared Zach though and, I have to admit, I had to tighten up certain sphincter muscles myself.

Oh...and she was chatting on her cell phone.

Off to watch SG-1, season 2 while Tom fixes supper. He is kind of handy to have around. Although he's outside right now setting up the tents in the backyard. I assume it's because we didn't use them this year and he wants to air them out.

I hope that's why.

It got mighty cold last night. Felt good to snuggle under the fuzzy blanket. I love this weather, but I'm a winter girl. (Okay don't hold me to this come next February.)


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Angie said...

The chilly weather is really feeling good. I now the next week will be warmer but pretty soon autumn will really settle in, to my delight. I'm usually not for additional government interference but talking on a cell phone while driving is just a no-no.