Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sleep, blessed sleep

Did you know the body repairs itself when you are in deep sleep? Yep. And I slept deeply for 11 hours last night so I'm feeling pretty good today. So good, in fact, I've been doing that deep cleaning I was threatening to do and not as much knitting. I got a little done on the cardigan...almost finished the left front. But not a thing besides that. I will catch up a bit tonight after supper.

Tomorrow I get to meet Vicki! Yay! I'm so excited. Taking the Jaywalkers to knit, of course.

I like how they're turning out. Don't know who's going to wear them but I like them.

I hate dieting. I know I have to lose the weight and I'm working on it. Been down 62 pounds for a couple of months, which is okay. I know the body plateaus and I was ready for it. I even increased my calories for a while to see if I could without gaining weight. Yep. Success there. But I have to say that some days I want to just eat whatever I want until I explode. I do miss sugar, but being diabetic...can't. Or rather, shouldn't. My sugar levels have been excellent for the past 8 months. So as much as I'm jonesin' for sugar, not gonna do it. I'll just sit here and chew on this sugar free gum instead. My what a satisfying substitute.

Oh...and I'm on a yarn diet, too, which is okay since I've got a lot in my stash to work from. When that gets lean though...watch out!


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Cookie said...

That's a lot of dieting going on over there! Good for you!

I'm so glad that you're feeling better.