Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days?

Zach had a student senate meeting today so I took along this Hibito which I cast on in Caron Simply Soft in Iris (which is purple) for Shae's Christmas present. I was thinking since she is so girly I'd find something with an Asian flare to it and found this. My sister thinks she will take a small in women's. (Isn't there something very disconcerting about this...mannequin with no head?)

So I got it cast on and was waiting in the car (lovely day...not too hot with a nice breeze) listening to Order of the Phoenix and idly watching the lawnmower guy at the college in his John Deere tractor with the canopy and windshield and what the heck was that????

I felt the car lurch and looked up and the lawnmower guy was directly in front of me looking straight at me trying to extricate his lawnmower from my bumper. He pulled away, the car gave another lurch and he drove off. I'm thinking to myself that it couldn't be bad because he would stop and say something so I let it go.

Minutes later Zach came out and we went to StuffMart to get the week's worth of sustenance and when I walked back to the car I said a bad word. Yeah...the s one. That jerk had torn my front license plate half off and didn't say anything to me. I couldn't go back to the college just then because I had frozen stuff which was melting in the trunk while I used yarn to try to tie the *#@^# license plate back on. (Good thing I'm a knitter, huh?)

I was going to call the college and let them know but Tom didn't want me to.

I found Zach's knitting in the car (he took it with him to graduation last night. He has the makings of a true Jedi Knitter) and with his permission took a picture of it. Isn't it good?

On the way home from Beaver Dam, Zach and I noticed how particularly awesome the clouds were. As soon as we got the groceries put away I went outside and took this picture.

Within a minute, the sky looked like this.

Two minutes later...thunder and this.

Then a deluge and hail...which is what woke Tom up at which time I explained about the license plate and he told me not to call but did I at least secure it to the car?

I mean, really. Did I secure it to the car? I'm a knitter for pete's sake.

So I got past all that, sat down to knit and noticed that my needle was the wrong one. I was knitting with the wrong size so I had to frog the three inches of ribbing (done in reverse combination which is the only way my ribbing looks good these days) and start over. I have exactly two rows done now because I had to stop and cook supper and my older son called needing a shoulder (it breaks my heart how hard he tries and how much life just keeps kicking him down) and the cat (Hannibal) needing to sit on my arms and get his fur all over my face while I tried to type. Then the dog (Professor) has been having separation anxiety and wants to be held all the time to the degree that when I'm online he's in one arm like a baby and if I'm on the couch he's in my lap and will nip at my hands if I try to knit (but never biting...he's a gentle dog. Really. Just don't listen to what those rat-bastard squirrels have to say about him. They never tell the truth.)

I'm thinking of curling up on the couch for the rest of the week since Tom is going up north to be one with nature (and kill as many fish as he can) and I have the whole week to myselfs, aside from a dog, a cat and an 18 year old...and a bathroom that has to be painted while The Mighty Hunter Fisherman is away since I have to pick a time when there are as few people using the only bathroom we have.

Yep...that's generally what my vacations look like.

I did make a haul at the library and have lots to watch while I play with sticks and string and make beautiful things.

-SG1-season 3 (I had never seen this when it was I'm enjoying it all at once.)

-An American Haunting (Nothing like a good old true ghost story...or not)

-Blackbeard (Hey, it's got British actors AND Richard Chamberlain...and it's about pirates.)

-The Draughtsman's Contract (British mystery!)

-Trading Spaces: They Hated It! (I can't wait to see this since I hated just about every room they did.)

So, I'm fixin' to shut down the computer and do nothing but knit tonight.

May the force be with you!

And also with you.

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Cookie said...

Isn't that hit and run? :?

You win! I thought I was having a crap week, but I was wrong.

Enjoy your weekend!