Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No WIP Wednesday

I sat in the car all day knitting, waiting for Zach's various classes today and didn't get home until about an hour ago. I did enjoy it, listening to audiobooks (The Order of the Phoenix this time), knitting on three different projects, but it does chew up the whole day. And I walked into a house that was...well, shall we say less than clean. The sink was full of dirty dishes (which is inches away from the near-empty dishwasher), the counters were full and cluttered, papers scattered all over the living room. This is why I don't work outside the home. Last time I did, some adult male ( who shall remain nameless) didn't lift a finger to pick up after himself then either. Since no one was home but said unnamed adult male (who shall remain nameless) and the house wasn't in that state when I left (it wasn't sparkling, but it wasn't that bad either) then I must make the assumption that said adult male (who shall remain nameless) is the perpetrator of cluttering.

But no pictures today because that would involve moving from my present position and I'm too tired to do that. What? you say. You've been sitting in a car on your butt for over 9 hours. How can you be tired? My response to that is...bite me.

On the knitting front (and this is a knitting blog after all), I had to frog the Stor Rund Dug doily/blanket because I was tired of tinking back for four days trying to find out where I made my mistake. Starting over seemed like less work. And this time (I'm such an idiot) I used stitch markers. What a difference!

photography by Anders Andersen

Mine is in pink and using Simply Soft soft pink but I love the pattern and it is fun to do...when you don't have to tink it back three thousand times.

The Jaywalker is coming along beautifully. Paton Kroy Paintbox looks great with the pattern. The colors pop out much better than a plain vanilla sock. I like it. I got the heel turned today on the first sock. I don't usually suffer from SSS so it should go nicely from here on.

I can't make up my mind about the Jesse's Flames sleeve. The colors are working out okay with the yellow since I embedded it in stockinette instead of duplicate stitch but it is mighty slow going. I'm only getting a few rows a night. Mostly because I'm so tired when I make it up to bed. It's too complicated to take places with me and I don't want to work on it downstairs because Zach would definitely notice this where a plain black sweater didn't set off any radar. This may be a Christmas present instead of his birthday in October.

I got one of my cable swatches done last night but I hate the bind off so I'm going to look into different ones for cable. It just looks sloppy but I had to do it loosely because of the blocking. I may do nothing, block it and see what happens. I can always redo it after blocking if I don't like it. I'm pretty happy with my cable swatch. Not perfect by any means but no meltdown over it either.

I haven't gotten any spinning, scouring or teasing done at all this week. I've got to make the time for it but this is the month for my physical and my doctor loves tests and the hospital is 45 minutes away from here so I have to make a few trips up to Fond du Lac. And of course, I can't get everything on one day. And nothing on a day Zach doesn't have class. I would have made a lousy soccer mom. I hate all the traveling. I love being at home.

So I had my physical yesterday. The doctor was so pleased with my weight loss...over 60 pounds. My liver is healthy (I had fatty liver disease), my cholesterol is great (aside from my hdl being slightly low), my sugar is perfect. My blood pressure was ideal. So does she take me off some of my medication? No. She wants me to take more. And more blood tests. Sheesh. Fortunately, I have learned the word no this past year. I will have the bone density test since the cancer meds I take tend to leach calcium from the bones (although she said my blood calcium was a little too high and I should take this expensive blood test to find out why.) And the dreaded colonoscopy. And of course, I never miss my mammogram (which is where my cancer was found...don't neglect to get those, ladies...and men. A friend of the family had breast cancer when I did and he died recently of possible metastatic breast cancer.)

I shall take the Stor Rund Dug with me for Zach's student senate meeting, rush home, drop him off and me and the Jaywalkers will head up north with Harry Potter and the soundtrack for POTC: I & III.

I did get out of the car and walk a bit today. It was a beautiful day and I have to stretch my legs now and then. He had an hour to kill so we went to Mickey Ds and had a coke. I knitted in the booth by the bathrooms and got several strange looks from all the ladies. The men, not so much.

Well, off to clean the kitchen and living room before I fall into bed and get up early tomorrow to get ready for another day of living in the car.


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Cookie said...

Sometimes I wonder why we ever let men inside.

Congrats on the good health report!