Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I succumbed to the infamous double-pointed-needle-on-the-couch-syndrome. Mercy that hurt.

I tend to sit all curled up and get into position as I'm lowering myself onto the couch so I caught that needle between the back of my upper thigh and my heel. I had to pull it out of my heel where it had imbedded itself about a quarter of an inch. I reached down to see what I had done to my thigh and my hand had blood all over it.

So I did what any strong, independent mother would do. I yelled for Zach to come bring me bandages and antiobiotic ointment. I have to admit I got a little light-headed. I'm not good with pain. I have been known to pass out and have the paramedics called when I slammed my finger in the door. (True story...I was in the Navy at the time.)

He had to administer one bandaid because I couldn't see it. (Hey, do you think I've got eyes in the back of my head or something?) Embarrassing for him. Embarrassing for me.

But he gets out of his labs tomorrow because I won't be able to sit in the car for two hours. He's ahead anyway.

I'm going to bed and work on the lace shawl for a while. Hamish was good tonight but it's time for Angel now.


Cookie said...

Thank goodness Zack was there to help out! I hope you're feeling better today.

I've a friend who flopped down onto a US7 dpn and ended up in the ER. o.0

Kathy Wajerski said...

I'm a little sore today, mostly my heel. My thigh didn't get as deep penetration so it's just a pinprick of red. My heel, however, has a one-inch circle around the hole and is a bit sore. I'm concerned because in two days I'll be walking for hours at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival. I have to heal quickly.

Sonya said...

That had to hurt!
Stay off of it until then and it might be ok for the big event.