Friday, September 28, 2007

It's baaaaaack!

I hate appearing so indecisive about my projects but I figured out today that it's because I buy the yarn first and then look for the pattern. It's not always easy to find that union of two souls, so to speak. Still...I have issues with completion. I'm not good at finishing what I start. Never finished college, haven't done much more on the TKGA master knitter swatches, I'm really good at frogging projects and using the yarn over again because I just decide I don't like the result.

It's more than being a process knitter; it's about having difficulty finishing things because I fear failure on the other end. If I finish whatever it is and it's not good or near perfect, then I've failed. To be honest I've lived with this immobilizing fear all my life. I wish I knew how to change.

All this being preliminary to the grand pronouncement that this is back on the needles. In purple. Yes, Shae's sweater got frogged today because after three attempts I just didn't like the way it looked with the Caron yarn. Plus I really do want to make the Stor Rund Dug doily into a blanket. I love it. If I can ever get past round 62. I know it's me and not the pattern because at least half the pattern lined up. I just couldn't find the mistake on the other half.

Drool if you will. This is simply gorgeous. And the iris looks even better than the soft pink.

I must get back to work on the sleeve for Jesse's Flames though. Zach's birthday is in a couple of weeks.

Oh, and my daughter had her baby last night. A boy. My older son (Stephen) called and told me.

And I've been a knitting maniac today with Tom gone. I plan on getting a lot more done this week while I've got this alone time.

Hurrah for separate vacations!



Pennie said...

oooh that is super pretty :)

Kathy Wajerski said...

I love all the patterns at yarnover but this one I just had to do. I've tried four different times so maybe this time will work.

It looks so good in purple, too. I think Shae will like it as a little blanket to curl up under while she does her homework. Or just reads a book or something.

Thanks for coming by. I visited your blog but didn't see an email address. I'll be stopping by at your place often.