Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunny Sunday

No rain today! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are...swarming.

We had church in the park today. Zach was acolyte and I kept watching him because he's terribly phobic about bees. He's gotten control of most of his OCD but this is one thing that would send him running. Fortunately none of the bees seemed to bother him. And he was up there handling the wine. They sure seemed to like the priest.

I took my socks with me. Normally I wouldn't knit in church but this was the park and we got there plenty early. I cast on a new pair. Paton's Kroy, Paint Box. They are wild. I'm doing plain vanilla because there's nothing gonna compete with that colorway.

Got a lot of knitting done yesterday. Tom fell asleep on the couch (one of my hot's not like he doesn't have his own bedroom complete with television and air conditioner) so I couldn't clean or watch what I wanted on tv so I took my knitting, some tapes and a dvd of Kavanaugh, Q.C. upstairs. I really like John Thaw and wish he was still with us. He's such a great actor.

Worked Jesse's Flames and finally got a good result. My problem was I had an area of intarsia and an area of stranding. It looked awful. I decided to do all intarsia, in spite of having to knit just one stitch up several rows and having a tangled mess. But it looks so good now. I was surprised that some red yarn I had in stash from nearly 2 years ago matched near perfectly to the yarn I just bought. It was the same with some black yarn I had bought at the same time. Lion Brand done good.

I'm doing about a round a day on the lace shawl motif. It takes me about a half hour to do the round. I'm almost to the end of the round so I'm sure this shawl will provide me with hours and days of entertainment.

Zach starts college tomorrow. Sniff. My baby is all growed up.


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