Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sheepy stuff

I think I'm gonna burn a candle or two. Or maybe the Dragon's Blood incense. I'm still smelling sheep. I got two more dishpans full of fleece out in the drying rack, carded a few rolags, spun a couple and...ahem...cast on a new (short) project.

Zach wants a carrier for his cell phone, one he can hook onto a belt loop. I've got plenty of Woolease in my stash, one that's a denim-looking color, cast about 16 sts on size 2 needles and I'm just doing garter stitch. It's coming out pretty sturdy. I'll make a couple of yarn-overs in the back and attach a baby-beaner (you can get them in the camping section of StuffMart.) A little velcro and he has a phone carrier.

I'm really looking forward to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival this year. I've never gone before but I'm anxious to see more of the world of fiber arts. I want to see the different fleeces, the roving, the yarn!

I need to come into a lot of money between now and then though.

One of Zach's classes got canceled due to low enrollment. It's the class in Fond du Lac so I don't have to sit in a coffee shop for 4 1/2 hours knitting and waiting for him to get done. Unless he picks up another class in FDL. He's concerned because this is a class he needs for his degree.

It will all work out.

Off to knit the rest of the night.


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