Thursday, August 23, 2007


are finished. Pictures tomorrow but I'm on a roll, knitting like crazy today (with my shoes off, of course.) I did a bit of crocheting, too on the lace shawl. I like it but my next one will be knitted. One of the things I don't like about crocheting is making motifs. And this shawl is made of triangular motifs. I think 19 of them.

Made progress on the sleeve yesterday but I think it's going to look more homemade than handmade. As I said before, I've not done that much intarsia and it's a bit different from stranding, which I'm not that experienced with either. I've frogged back a couple of times and I do improve each time. Thankfully, Zach loves my knitting so he won't be upset if it's not perfect.

Thinking of frogging the baby sweater. It's turning out stiffer than I want it to be. Maybe I'll make it with a bigger needle and adjust the pattern accordingly. Or maybe I'll find something else to knit. I have some blanket patterns and maybe I'll do that instead. Jan, from church, is director of the our diocese Haiti project. She has said they need baby blankets because our sister church is at a high altitude so it's chilly there. I could make tons of socks, too, for kids.

I may finish up the Caron sweater. I've read other bloggers who use Simply Soft and like it. I won't buy anymore probably but I could finish up the sweater. And I thought I would make a hat to go with it.

I'm going to go through all my knitting magazines (that may take a while) to see what I've got in the way of sock patterns. I've got the green Baby Ull and some Paton's something or other in primary colors. That one will require a basic pattern, like some variation of ribbing, but the Baby Ull needs some texture to it. I've still got that pattern I was going to test but I think I want something not as challenging right now. I've still got swatches to knit and reports to write.

It's good to finish something.


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