Thursday, August 30, 2007

A bit o' this, that, and the other

Last night I took Zach to his psych class and settled in the parking lot thinking I would listen to book 2 of His Dark Material when I realized I had the wrong knitting bag. Not only did I not have my cds but I didn't have my projects either. None of them. Instead I brought the bag that I had set up for tomorrow to look at knitting socks from the toe up.

So what the heck...I cast on and started learning how to do a figure 8 cast on and a sock from the toe up. I didn't have the complete pattern so I just knit it plain vanilla (worsted weight). It took me a few tries but I really like the result and plan on working on the lace pattern that it was written for (the pattern Cookie A used on Knitty Gritty.)

Yet another new project. I refuse to think of startitis as a bad thing.

**Edited: I didn't like the lace pattern with worsted weight yarn so off to the frog pond. I'll do another toe up later when I find a pattern I like with that weight.

So today I was very careful to set the right knitting bag by the door, next to my packed lunch. I was so proud of myself for being so organized. I got my socks out to knit on them and I didn't have the fifth needle. *sigh* Okay, I got out my swatches to work on. No cable needle. *deeper sigh* I did have my crocheting in the bag so I worked on the Antique Lace Shawl.

One of these days I will be better organized.

Zach decided to drive home from StuffMart today. He hadn't been behind the wheel for nearly a year. I don't know why but he just stopped driving. Never got his license and only recently got his permit renewed. Initially I needed sedation but by the time we got back into Horicon I was breathing normally again and my heart rate was down under 200. Next time his dad takes him out.

No real progress on the other projects because I was taking Zach's scholarship check (yes, that's right) to the bank today. Out of the blue he got a scholarship from our church. Woohoo! Answered prayer, let me tell you. Nobody better ever say anything bad to me about Episcopalians.

Off to knit the rest of the night. I'm going to work on my other swatches tonight. I hope they don't give me fits like the first few did.


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