Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Survived the company

The visit with the priest went well but as usual of late, everything exhausts me.  And I feel so guilty because with all the hours Tom puts in, I need to do more to make it easier for him.  I know my fatigue is very real but it's hard not to view his as earned and mine as laziness.  But truly if I could do more, I would. I hate feeling so inadequate like this.

I do hope to get some yard work done this week now that we don't have rain expected.  The garden is coming along but not gorgeous.  Something didn't come up but I can't for the life of me remember what it was.  The zucchini is looking great and I'm pretty sure the green beans and peas are growing.  I have something in the peppers that looks like a pepper plant but different.  I think I've cultivated a marvelous weed.  I'm going to fill in the gaps in the garden with lettuce.  Romaine, in fact.  We eat a lot of salads here so lettuce would be a good idea.

And I plan on getting the herbs in the pots this week as well.  The echinacea will go on the side of the hill, I hope and the flowers in the front garden.  I'll just let them winter over and if nothing else grows, I'll plant something hardier next spring.

And of course laundry.  I didn't get a load hung out today but I will as soon as Zach mows the yard tomorrow.  He's going to do it all by himself tomorrow, including the steep hill at the back.  He should be up to speed on it.

I haven't done any knitting today but I finished up the shopping bag (and will hopefully get a picture of it tomorrow) and worked on the Helm's Deep shawl until I fell asleep knitting on it.  Tonight I'd like to work on a pattern for my lovely brown yarn because I'm pretty sure it wants to be a shawl, too  I hate monogamy in knitting so I've got to come up with another project to work on.  Maybe I should do some dishcloths as I have some bits and bobs of cotton yarn.  More than enough for several of them.

I watched series one of Hamish Macbeth last night.  Now that I'm a huge fan of the books, the series isn't as exciting because it's nothing like the books.  On the other hand, Robert Carlyle is a great actor and I love the community in the show.  Makes you wish your community was as close and as oddball as theirs.  Of course, Ballykissangel's community is even better and I have season 2 of that waiting to be watched.

It was lovely today and I wish I had had the energy to work outside.  I hope it's as nice tomorrow, but for now I'm off to bed.


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