Friday, June 4, 2010

Making least in my planning

It rained last night and really cooled the house off.  Professor crawled under the covers toward morning.  I woke up about 4 a.m. to the rain and it was so gentle and soothing that I went right back to sleep.  And would have slept in late if Professor hadn't crawled onto my chest with his nose inches away from mine.  It's hard to sleep with someone staring you awake.

Today was errand day.  I'm definitely going to have to limit trips to town to one a week if I intend to get anything done this summer.  I'm making progress on my knitting but not my designing.  I'm too tired when I crawl into bed at night so I need to set aside time during the day for knitting and projects.  Which means I have to limit my time online better.  I got caught today talking to my older son on facebook which was great but it took up a lot of time.  I'll be needing to be outdoors at least an hour or two every day from now on, making the yard look better, taking care of the garden and herbs and cleaning out the garage.

But it was too muggy today.  The temperature climbed up to nearly 80 but it was steamy because of all the rain we got.  I hope tomorrow will be easier as we have to get the fence up so I can get these plants and seeds into the ground.  It's hard to push myself when I have no energy but since these things have to be done, I don't have a choice.  It must be done and there is no one but me (and Zach) to do it.

I got some dvds from the library today.  I was watching Touching Evil on PBS last night and thought about Robson Green and how I haven't seen any of his shows lately.  I did a search on the library website and found some movies of his I'd never seen so I have a couple of them in hand to watch this week.  I've also got Red Dwarf, season 1 to watch.  The British version.  And I was having some Phantom of the Opera withdrawal so I got that as well.

Still reading Henning Mankell and loving it.  I'm reading his short stories about Wallander right now.  It's like a prequel of sorts.  I found out that Mankell was on one of the ships trying to get through the barricade into Israel.  Not going to go into it on this blog though.  My only response...other than no it's complicated.  That's the best I can do.

I just noticed I forgot to bring my clothespin bag in so it got a soaking last night.  I need to do some laundry but the weather for the next couple of days is threatening rain so I should probably wait.  We found a rack at StuffMart today with tshirts for a dollar each.  Yes, one dollar.  I got three.  One for me and two for Zach.  I didn't see any Tom would like but he's got tons of tshirts anyway.  Maybe I can get by with waiting until Sunday to do laundry since I'm not going anywhere before then anyway.  I have clean bloomers and socks so who needs more than that?

Supper needs my attention so I'm off to stick the french fries in the toaster oven and take the chicken thighs out.  I'm such a good cook.  LOL


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knittingdragonflies said...

No rain here, I tried to rent some movies, super hot here. Thought they would be good to watch after yard work (by my DH) but the redbox was down. So I'm watching worthless TV and knitting.
Take care