Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seeing light at the end of a long, dark tunnel

The yard is shaping up and I'm seeing green things in the dirt so I must have planted them right.  The tobacco isn't looking good.  Pretty yellow.  It rained a lot while I was gone so I don't know if it's too much rain or not the right nutrients.  I have some tomato plant food that is supposed to be good for it so I'll try that next time they need watering.  The tomato and pepper plants look wonderful and the green beans, peas and zucchini are coming up.  I'm also seeing sunflowers peeking through the soil.  It feels good to grow things instead of killing everything I plant.

I'm recovering from the trip and the doctor's visit.  I'm still not sleeping much but more than I was.  And today I helped with the mowing, doing much better than I have been doing.  At least this time I could breathe (although I was gasping) and didn't have to stop.  In time I'll be stronger and have more stamina.

It is so good to be home.  I can't stress enough what a homebody I am.  I do not like being away from home for any length of time.  I'm not a hermit but I'm just not a traveler anymore.  I haven't looked to see if Miss Marple is on tonight so I should check that out.  Otherwise I'll be watching True Blood...both episodes since I missed the first one this season.  And we've got Epix this week as a preview with tons of movies on there I'd like to see.  Plus what I've got from the library.  Much knitting will be done here this week.  Plus I'm planning on setting aside time to write, work on my drawing and painting and maybe even some other crafts I'd like to work on.  Shhhh....secret.

I plan on planting the echinacea on the side of the hill by the fairy garden and I bought some barn paint to paint the table and chair out there.  I think I already told you this but my mind is a  I'm planting the dahlia's out front.  Then I'm putting herbs in my containers to line my fairy garden.  It will be so nice out there, especially after I put up the tiki torches so the mosquitoes don't eat us alive.

Zach and I are planning on taking walks daily and bike rides weekly.  I'd like to walk in the marsh sometime this week but mostly we'll be in the neighborhood, which is pretty boring but will have to do.  We want to do one nature walk a week though...just for pleasure. 

I do need to tackle the inside and clean it up.  I'm way behind on cleaning.  And laundry.  It's good that my energy is coming back but it's still less than I would like it to be.  I'm trying to take advantage of the fatigue and use that time for those creative moments like knitting, drawing, writing, etc.  I'm trying to be optimistic and see if that helps my depression a bit.  I don't mean that I can just make myself not depressed but I'm going to try to see the glass half-full.

I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night.  Harrison Ford is in such good shape for his age.  There's no reason I can't get in better shape than I'm in now.  I know he's got the money for gyms and trainers and such but there is still a lot I can do on my own.

It was so good seeing Stephen and his daughter (Kelcey, my granddaughter!) while we were down there.  He looks so good, has lost so much weight and has reversed his diabetes.  He called me last night to tell me he's walking in a Walk for Life thing for cancer.  He's walking for me!  He was supposed to walk at 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.  Wow!  What a son!  He got a 4.0 in school last semester.  Both my boys are fantastic, aren't they?

Well, off to fix a sumptuous supper for Tom for Father's Day.



knittingdragonflies said...

That is great! You must be proud! I'm going to add that movie to my list of ones I want to see!

Kathy said...

Stephen had such an uphill battle to come back and just couldn't catch a break so I'm doubly proud of him. He's really turned his life around. Now if I could just see him as my role model.

It was a really good movie. I thought it measured up to the other Indiana Jones movies. Of course, I have a special love for the movies as I'm from Indiana and my maiden name is Jones. LOL