Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not loving these hot days.

Hot, hot, hot!  Okay, not as hot as it was in Indiana last week, but pretty darned hot.  And I"m irritable.  Not surprising, so is Zach and we are staying out of each other's way.  Love covers only so much.

I'm still not sleeping.  Last night I kept jerking back awake as if I were trying to keep from sleeping.  I finally went down solidly at around 5.  At least it was getting daylight, but Professor woke me up around 8 a.m.  I made him come back to bed but he only lasted until 9 a.m. when he insisted I get up.  I'm thinking of getting the bark collar out tonight.

It was too hot to work out in the yard but I did get 2 loads of clothes on the line and dried in no time.  The whites are still in the washer because I'd like to dry them in the dryer.  Cardboard socks aren't all that comfortable especially when two of you have plantars fasciitis and very tender feet.  So they will be softened up in the dryer tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.  I thought about doing it tonight but it's still too hot.

I'm peeling down to a tank top and my cutoff Danskin pants and sit in front of two fans and try to let myself sleep tonight.  I'm way overdue for a good night's sleep.  Since I still haven't put the echinacea in the ground, or the herbs or the dahlias I've got to get those done this week.  I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow as is promised.

I ordered some new lymphedema wrappings because I run out of clean ones before I can wash again and end up going without for a few days until I can get them clean.  So wrapping my arm just seems a futile exercise since I'm not consistent.  But I'll admit they hurt so much I often can't sleep in them and that's why I don't wear them.  My left arm is twice as big as my right one and I'm tired of being self-conscious about it.

And speaking of pain, last night I was really in pain.  Two ibuprofen and two tramadol and about 3 hours are what it took to get the pain down so I could sleep.  Except for the keep-waking-up thing.  Probably from helping mow the yard on Sunday.  And yet I must keep up the exercise.  My good, improving health demands it.

Off to bed with no knitting tonight.  It's too hot anyway.  Maybe I'll fall asleep to A Touch of Frost tonight.  I can always go back and watch what I missed tomorrow.  Pot pies for supper tonight because I didn't feel like heating up the kitchen.  No air conditioning, you know.


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knittingdragonflies said...

I'm hot and not sleeping well either.
I agree I try to make cool foods when it is this time of year. Something easy, or fresh!
Stay cool