Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lovely rain

It's been raining all day off and on and the air has been so cool.  It's been like having a fan on me.  I've spent most of the day in bed because I got about 1 hour of sleep last night.  Then another 2.  Then that was it.  I get so frustrated with these nights of no sleep and no rest.

I still don't have the garden planted.  I'm going to go ahead and plant the garden and worry about the fence later.  I've got to get this stuff in the ground.  Some of the tobacco is huge and much too big for the pots.  It's more of an experiment this year to see if it's feasible to grow Tom's supply instead of buying at exorbitant prices.  Not to mention how many additives are in cigarettes.

Zach and I are going somewhere for a walk tomorrow.  I hate just walking around the neighborhood.  It's hilly and not much to see except the busy highway.  I'll walk Professor later in the evening but I'd like to go on a nature walk so we might hit the Marsh or maybe one of the nature trails in the area.  I'll take the camera and a water bottle (I bought Zach and I stainless bottles last summer) and just enjoy the morning.  We're both down lately and need something in our lives to perk us up.

I'm off to bed again but it will most likely be another intermittent night. 


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