Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some pg rated stuff and preparations for the journey

You can't just pick up and go anymore when you're on 2 million different medications.  Your whole life is based on when this medication is due for refill and what hoops you have to jump through to get the refill.  Unfortunately my doctor won't organize my refills so I'm getting the labs at the same time or have my refills due at the same time. matter how many times I ask her I seem to be trotting to the doctor's office every month for new labs for each prescription. Even when I tell her I have to pay a $25 copay each and every time.

I wonder if she owns stock in the lab.

So I'm in a particularly difficult time with one prescription.  I've never had any issues refilling this one before in the mumbly years I've been on it, but this time...this particular time...I need labs and a bp check before she'll refill it.  I get this information from the pharmacist because she won't tell me.  She tells them when I call to have it refilled.  And that time will be while I"m gone.  I could get the labs and bp this week but they wouldn't be able to refill it until I get home because it takes them three freakin' days to get results back from the lab which is in house.  Or I could wait until next weekend when I get back.  The bad thing about this week is I know my bp is through the roof right now because of my dad and the impending trip down to the old burg.

So I'm still undecided.  Either way I go my numbers are going to be crap.  Which means a lecture about diet and exercise and if I don't care if I drop dead from a heart attack then she doesn't know what else she can do to impress upon me the importance of losing weight.  Except...I was losing weight until she impressed upon me the importance of losing weight.  Since then I've gained 10 pounds.  Because diets don't work.  They make me think of food 24/7 and I obsess about it.

But it's hard to get back to the place where I'm not thinking about food, especially when I've got all these blinking labs to do every month.

So I bought a hula hoop.

You heard me.  It's supposed to be good exercise except there isn't an area big enough in the house and if you think I'm going to do the hula hoop in my back yard, which is overlooked by a major highway, you need more medication than I do.

I'll figure something out.

This would have been a good day to hang laundry out because of the strong winds but I am still struggling to get out of bed and get anything done and I had shopping to do because Tom was out of bread.  So I got the regular shopping done as I needed a med refilled anyway.  This is the one from the surgeon for my cancer not coming back.  I see him once a year and he gives me a prescription for a whole year without making me travel to see him every freaking month.  He's a good guy even if he is a hottie.

Now I'm doing laundry but I'll stick it in the dryer because I've got too much going on to try to deal with the clothesline this weekend.  I need to get the suitcases out, start making lists because if I don't I'll leave something down there, something I can't afford to leave down there.  Or I'll forget to take something with me that I desperately need.  Of course, remembering the list will take monumental thought control as well.

I've also got to get the bills paid ahead of time and bring the check book up to date, get money to take with me, clean the car out, hit the library to take back books that will be due before I return from Indiana, and hope that the holds that came in are mine for two weeks instead of one.  Maybe if I explain it to them...

I also have to take Tom's dvd player down there because I have to have the television on to sleep at night and will most likely be sleeping in the recliner.  It's only for 3 nights.  Or the couch because they only have one guest room and Zach needs privacy more than I do.

Nope.  You just can't pick up and go anymore.

At least Tom will be home with Professor most of the time since he's taking a few vacation days to work on the truck.

I finally broke down and bought myself a new bra today.  Find a comfortable bra is a herculean task at the best of times but trying to find one that fits when you've only got one breast is harder.  My mastectomy bras are ancient and don't fit anymore because I obsess about food and gain weight so instead of plopping down $50 apiece for them, I just get things off the rack.  My prosthesis is too small, too, since said breast that remains has also gained weight and I found a silicon thing that girls use to stuff in their bras because they're not big enough and stuffed it in the cover of my prosthesis to add some boobage.  So anyway  I found a bra that seemed the right size which is also up there with the tasks Hercules had to perform since it's a weird size...large bra band, tiny cup.  But there it was so I took it home and tried it on.  I have a horror of being naked with one breast in public dressing rooms so I don't try them on at the store.  It fits and even feels okay if a bra can feel okay.  I looked at the old bra and it was like 4 inches smaller than the one I bought.  No wonder I was in pain all the time.

So...I still need to lose weight, get my lab numbers down and try to get some energy back.  I'm going to start walking and using the step that I have but I'm starting out small because I tend to have a lot of pain after any exercise session and I hate using my pain pills during the day.  But I still need to function so I'll start slow.

And endure the lecture from the doctor about how I don't care about my life.  If she only knew.

Well, off to fix supper and check on the washer as it was making some very loud noises just a minute ago.



Anonymous said...

This was a good post. You tell your story in a fun way.

And I'm totally digging the hula hoop idea. Hey on Wii Fit there's a hula hoop exercise and I'm here to tell you that it works!

Kathy said...

Thanks. I'm going to need a lot of practice on the hula hoop. I can't get it to go one round yet.

I've drooled over the Wii Fit for a while now. Zach has Dance Dance Revolution that I could be using, too, except for that floor space thing. We have none!

knittingdragonflies said...

Hey I'm hooping also, it is so fun! especially with music. You will burn more energy with the real thing than a wii.
Have you ever knitted one of those little inserts for your bra? It looks more comfortable, and cheap and you could make several in different sizes as you size down.
Check it out

I have seen people add a few pebbles in them for some weight