Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A nothing much day

The fatigue is bad today.  I've taken probably three naps already and I'm still dragging.  I managed to finish a book though:  the latest Hamish Macbeth mystery.  I hope the author lives forever so I keep reading them.

I need to get out to work on the yard and get the house in better shape.  And I need to get some real sleep.  The problem I'm having this bout is not being able to stay asleep.  I keep waking up and eventually I wake up enough I can't get back to sleep.  I might have to take an OTC sleeping pill but I hate those because I feel dragged out for a couple of days afterward.

Maybe all the naps I've taken today will help my body restore what's been lost from the lack of sleep.

Aside from reading nothing much has been going on.  It's too hot and muggy to knit until late at night but with the fatigue I haven't felt like it.  I have to run errands tomorrow so I might look at the library for something to knit that is small or cotton.  I could do the shopping bag but I'm burned out on it having tried twice to get it right.

Zach isn't feeling well today: aching muscles and a headache.  I'm keeping an eye on him but I hope it's just a summer flu or something like it.  I get nervous because he has no insurance.

Since I have nothing to report and I'm sleepy again, I'm off to bed for the night.  I'm not even going to try to clean or do anything.  Just turn the lights off and watch tv until I doze off.  Or start another Kurt Wallander mystery.


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