Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do I stay or do I go?

I was too tired to post last night.  My mother called while I was out getting supper from McSnacky's because I was too tired to cook.  Zach offered to cook but I wasn't up for it.  Darn it, I just wanted a Bacon Ranch salad with crispy chicken and nothing else would satisfy.

Mom said Daddy is improving and will come home Monday.  Peg said on her facebook page that they're worried about his heart.  I'm wondering if I should head down there tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday. I'd have to wait until after noon as I forgot to get a refill on my bp meds and that would put me in Scottsburg way late, but I could get a room for the night and be there when Daddy gets home from the hospital.  Plus it would give me some breathing space if I decide I can't drive anymore and need to stop.  It's about a 10 hour trip the route I'm planning on taking but that's not including stops for food and naps.  I'm guessing it would take about 12 hours to get there.  Crap!  I just remembered the time change.  They're an hour ahead of us.

I slept pretty well last night but woke up way too early when Tom's supervisor called him to tell him he didn't have to come in today.  Then Professor decided to bark at something outside and when I went to nudge him with my foot, ended up knocking him off the bed.  I was worried I had hurt him but he survived it albeit humbled about barking.  At that stage, I was awake so I got up and loaded and ran the dishwasher...which is having problems.  It gets stuck on one part of the cycle and won't move on.  I figured that out when I checked it because it had been running too long and it was still in the first cycle.  I am not replacing it.

I need to get up and get packing and get the car cleaned out (Zach's job) and hopefully my bp meds will get filled early so I can leave tomorrow if I decide to.  That leaves a lot to get done today though. 

Off to try to get as much done as possible.


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