Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deliciously cool in spite of no rain

We were supposed to get a thunderstorm last night and most of today but I watched the radar as the front dissipated just when it got to Beaver Dam.  The storm seems to have gone around us.  Or to the north at least.  So the ground is still dry and Zach will head out there in a bit to tackle the remaining sods.  I don't want to plant until I have the fence up though because I don't want to end up losing everything to the critters.

And speaking of critters, I'm still upset about the bunnies.  I saw their mother on the afternoon of the full moon when she hopped through the yard and sat for a spell not far from me, watching both me and the neighbor who was working in his yard.  I keep thinking about her going back to the nest and finding only the remnants of the massacre.  And yet...we really don't need more rabbits in the yard.  I hate the whole circle of life thing sometimes.

I was so productive on Sunday and still can barely move.  I'm in slow motion even at my best.  I find I'm taking pain pills during the day which I normally don't do.  I use them at night when I have nothing to keep my mind off the pain.  I should be planting my flowers in the front yard but I just can't do it.  I'll do well to get supper fixed and the house straightened up.

I will have to go out and water the blueberry bushes and the stuff I have in pots...which are doing spectacularly well and will very soon outgrow the pots.  I need to re-pot the new grapevine sprouts because I think the soil is too sterile.  I used an old pot of dirt that I had grown herbs in.  I'll need to start fresh I think.  One sprout is doing really well though.

I frogged the sweater last night and re-started the shopping bag.  I'm also at the halfway point on the Helm's Deep shawl.  Progress is being made albeit slowly.

I only got a few hours sleep last night and tried to nap today but distractions kept waking me up so I gave up.  Still not feeling like doing anything though.  I'm still not eating well.  It's like a Catch-22:  I don't have the energy to cook well and exercise but I need to eat well and exercise in order to have the energy to cook well and exercise.  I need a personal cook.  Which is never going to happen.

I also need more money as the leaner cuts of meat and fresh veg and fruits cost more money than the cheap cuts and the meat that comes in tubes that are so vilified on another board I used to read.  No longer.  It was an anti-fundamentalist board but some of the people there are worse than the people they talk about.  The last straw for me was yet the third attempt to discredit a former fundamentalist girl who blogs anonymously.  These people are determined that since they don't trust her, no one should and make attempt after attempt to demonstrate (thinly, I might add) how she's not who she says she is.  I trust her because she's not given me any reason not to and she's not being cagey or asking for anything.

Plus they decided they wanted to ban someone and I let them know I was out of there because they were starting to act like "them" with the selective membership thing.

I did the same for another site where there were people going after those who weren't as conservative about things as they were.  I think there is a fine line between the fundies they write about and the fundies they are.

On the plus side, I've freed up more time so I'm not online as much.

I've been watching the Monty Python dvds I got from the library.  That stuff never gets old.  That's why I got so much knitting done last night.  That and being up until 4 a.m.  I had gotten to sleep early but woke up when Tom got home and then twice more due to various noises.  It's hard having a bedroom (of sorts) off the living room, separated only by a curtain.  I'm more cautious about making noise when someone is sleeping, I guess.

Zach and I got 9 from the library yesterday.  We'll probably watch that tonight.  I don't even have a clue what it's about but I've heard it was good so that's enough for me.

I think I'll try a nap now that Zach is outside and Professor is sleeping.  Until the mail carrier comes, though.  He hates the mail man and isn't shy about letting him know it.


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